2 Dec 2022

CO2 is your sin. The bank your confessor

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No longer is there the stern preacher shouting from the pulpit admonishing the people about the pains of hell, but colorful, toy-like apps. Even sin is different: from what displeases God to what displeases Greta. And, of course, in place of the church is the bank, the new Temple of the 21st century.

10 Oct 2022

Too much CO2? The "green" credit card blocks your new purchases

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Credit cards with a double ceiling are becoming increasingly popular: the economic one and the "environmental" one, based on the so-called "carbon footprint" that each transaction would entail. A Pavlovian training system that could even become mandatory.

28 Jun 2022

Opposing LGBT intolerance

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It is time to counter LGBT intolerance with genuine cultural and civic resistance in the name of freedom of expression and conscience, without fear and without trying to please those who would have us subjugated and silent.

30 May 2022

The Escape: Iannaccone's novel warning against progressive dystopia

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The arrival of the social credit system in Italy is imagined by journalist and writer Mario Arturo Iannaccone in his novel "The Escape," where many parallels between the imagined future and our present appear quite disturbing.

23 May 2022

Defeating liberal-progressivism: the 12 teachings of Orban

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Progressives are threatening the entire Western civilization, and the real danger comes not from outside but from within. Hungary is the laboratory where we tested the antidote to the progressives' domination. The remedy is open-source, free and includes twelve points.

22 Apr 2022

Shanghai's nightmare is a warning: we must stand up to lockdown fanatics

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A communist regime, China's, is giving us an example of where the frenzy for mass confinement and the goal of "zero covid" can go. The reference is to the lockdown ordered in Shanghai.

30 Mar 2022

Bank Account Deplatforming: the new weapon of the totalitarian Left

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The Trudeau administration in Canada freezes the bank accounts of truckers who participated in the "Freedom Convoy" against mandatory vaccination. Although the U.S. government has not yet adopted this practice, bank deplatforming against those who oppose the Left is already becoming more frequent.

9 Mar 2022

Sleepwalking Into a China-Style Social Credit System

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As the world focuses on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a huge threat is materializing at home. As Canada has shown, Western governments and tech companies are mobilizing to oust ordinary citizens from public life and restrict their private lives.

29 Dec 2021

No research funding if scientist doesn't swear loyalty to "political correctness"

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Where, if not in a totalitarian regime, is science funding contingent on the researcher's adherence to the ideology in power? In "progressive" Canada, federal grants have begun to require statements of equity, diversity, and inclusion, which are evaluated before the project itself.

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