30 Jan 2023

The Machiavelli on Hungarian media after think tank conference

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Following the first Conference of Italian and Hungarian Conservative Think Tanks, the Centro Studi Machiavelli, one of the sponsors of the event, received considerable coverage in the Hungarian media.

23 Jan 2023

The Machiavelli among the promoters of the first Italian-Hungarian conservative Conference

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The first conference of Italian and Hungarian conservative think-tanks was held in Rome. It was an initiative sponsored by the Machiavelli Center for Political and Strategic Studies, aimed at promoting strategic collaboration between the two countries.

11 Jan 2023

The migration challenge to Europe

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The mass immigration sweeping Europe is a continental challenge that requires a common response. How can Italy and Hungary - two countries on the border of the EU - find shared solutions to the issue?

20 Dec 2022

Hungary, Europe's sentinel

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In an age of confusion and cacophony, Hungary's voice remains that of the sentinel, watching and warning. Orbán watches the world with the clarity of his ancestors, takes on the thankless role of perceiving existential threats in times of amnesia, and makes accurate diagnoses when others indulge in moral posturing.

27 Jul 2022

The challenges of Hungary and the West. Here's what Orban (really) said

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Here is the speech that sparked protests from the international Left, which accused the Hungarian prime minister of "racism." We leave it to readers to judge the original document in full, without convenient versions or phrases taken out of context.

30 Jun 2022

If only our leaders loved their national borders as much as Ukraine's

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Why do so-called American and European liberal leaders consider Ukraine's sovereignty to be a fundamental and inviolable principle, but consider the sovereignty of the U.S. or EU nations to be unimportant, illiberal and Nazi-nationalist?

24 May 2022

The conservative international has convened in Budapest.

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The intense Hungarian days are a reminder of the importance of rallying and bringing together exponents of the global Right, in order to build cooperation networks and synergies, developing thinking and strategies through debate.

23 May 2022

Defeating liberal-progressivism: the 12 teachings of Orban

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Progressives are threatening the entire Western civilization, and the real danger comes not from outside but from within. Hungary is the laboratory where we tested the antidote to the progressives' domination. The remedy is open-source, free and includes twelve points.

20 Apr 2022

Mi Hazank: who are the other winners of the Hungarian elections

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In addition to Fidesz-KDNP, a small party, Mi Hazánk Mozgalom ("Movement for Our Homeland"), which broke away from Jobbik in 2018, is considered the other winner of the 2022 parliamentary elections. Passing the electoral threshold was a surprise.

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