25 Oct 2023

Scalea to Magyar Nemzet: "Terrorists are upset that we are still masters of our countries"

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In connection with the Italian-Hungarian summit of conservative think tanks held in Budapest on October 16, the presentation of the Magyar translation of "Immigrazione. Le ragioni dei populisti" by Daniele Scalea and an interview on the portal of the Center for Fundamental Rights with the president of the Centro Studi Machiavelli was taken up by the Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet. Here is a translation of the article.

20 Oct 2023

The Machiavelli at the summit of Hungarian-Italian conservative think tanks

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Centro Studi Machiavelli participated in the think tank summit held in Budapest on October 16. The meeting was organized by the Budapest Center for Fundamental Rights, Alapjogokért Központ.

18 Oct 2023

The Populists Are Right on Migration. Scalea's book translated in Hungarian

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Daniele Scalea's book "Immigration, the reasons of the populists" translated in Hungarian by the Center for Fundamental Rights. A sign of the close ties with Budapest in building an increasingly active network of conservative think tanks.

20 Jun 2023

HUNGARY rebel of Europe

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Hungary is, among the member countries of the European Union, the one that is most often on a collision course with the European Commission. This is perhaps precisely why fake news and disparaging portrayals are being peddled about Hungary with full force.

7 May 2023

Hungarian media on Daniele Scalea at Oeconomus conference.

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Participation of the Centro Studi Machiavelli President Daniele Scalea in the Oeconomus Foundation conference "From Keynes to Unorthodox Economic Solutions" was reported by various Hungarian media.

6 May 2023

Media review: the Machiavelli at CPAC Hungary 2023

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Centro Studi Machiavelli - with President Daniele Scalea and Vice President Guglielmo Picchi - participated in CPAC 2023 - Conservative Political Action Conference - held in Budapest on May 4 and 5. CPAC is the major meeting of conservative and national movements in the Western world.

30 Jan 2023

The Machiavelli on Hungarian media after think tank conference

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Following the first Conference of Italian and Hungarian Conservative Think Tanks, the Centro Studi Machiavelli, one of the sponsors of the event, received considerable coverage in the Hungarian media.

23 Jan 2023

The Machiavelli among the promoters of the first Italian-Hungarian conservative Conference

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The first conference of Italian and Hungarian conservative think-tanks was held in Rome. It was an initiative sponsored by the Machiavelli Center for Political and Strategic Studies, aimed at promoting strategic collaboration between the two countries.

11 Jan 2023

The migration challenge to Europe

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The mass immigration sweeping Europe is a continental challenge that requires a common response. How can Italy and Hungary - two countries on the border of the EU - find shared solutions to the issue?

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