15 Jun 2024

"Repubblica" mentions Machiavelli on the fate of the new Italian tank

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"Repubblica" cites the Centro Studi Machiavelli's conference "Earthforce and the Challenge of Innovation" in which Alessandro Ercolani - CEO of Rheinmetall Italia - and Lorenzo Mariani - co-director of Leonardo - shared a panel discussion.

30 Apr 2024

Scalea on RadioRadio: globalization and social downgrading and EU elections

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Daniele Scalea spoke on RadioRadio with Francesco Borgonovo on theft charges against Fassino, the effects of globalization on Europe, and the European elections.

10 Mar 2024

Malaguti on Cusano Italia TV: European elections and Green Deal

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On March 4, at 8:30 p.m., researcher Marco Malaguti was a live guest on TG Plus, hosted by Graziano Talone, broadcast on Cusano Italia TV

8 Feb 2024

Bernasconi at "The Rule of Law as Lawfare" conference

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On Monday, January 22, in Brussels, Lorenzo Bernasconi participated as a researcher at the Centro Studi Machiavelli in the conference on "The Rule of Law as Lawfare" organized by The European Conservative, Danube Institute and the Center for Fundamental Rights.

8 Feb 2024

Lorenzo Bernasconi wrote about Israel-Palestine conflict

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Lorenzo Bernasconi published for Byoblu the four-handed essay "The Other Bell: Israel or Palestine" with Fulvio Grimaldi. The two opposing positions on the conflict compared.

26 Jan 2024

Scalea to La Verità: we were attacked for expressing unorthodox ideas. There is less and less freedom of speech in Italy

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Centro studi Machiavelli President Daniele Scalea was interviewed by Francesco Borgonovo in La Verità on Jan. 26, 2024: "For our conference in the Chamber we were attacked only for expressing unorthodox ideas. Law 194 should not be changed, we need to apply it better."

6 Dec 2023

Radio Radicale was present at 2nd Machiavelli Defense Conference

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Radical Radio covered the entire 2nd Defense Conference organized by the Machiavelli Study Center last December 4, 2023, totaling more than six hours of recording.

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