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3Feb 2023

This is how the Meloni government is relaunching Italy's Mediterranean policy

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Italy, stretched out in the Mediterranean, looked like a sleeping giant. Two facts intervened to sound the alarm: the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the Right leading a new national government. It was immediately apparent that a different wind was blowing, a broader and more pragmatic vision.

1Feb 2023

Minister Nordio: go on about wiretapping

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After Justice Minister Carlo Nordio's speech in the Chamber, an almost unnecessary fuss was raised. But some of the shouting and screaming is nothing but positive testimony to the work this government is doing.

26Jan 2023

In Norway, feminists now face jail time

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In Norway, an update to the criminal code has been introduced regarding "hate crimes" based on gender identity and expression, which has begun to claim prominent victims among feminists in contrast to a certain trans narrative.

23Jan 2023

The Machiavelli among the promoters of the first Italian-Hungarian conservative Conference

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The first conference of Italian and Hungarian conservative think-tanks was held in Rome. It was an initiative sponsored by the Machiavelli Center for Political and Strategic Studies, aimed at promoting strategic collaboration between the two countries.

12Jan 2023

Senate defacement is not just a stupid thing

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There is really nothing to laugh about the action committed by three activists of the fanatical environmental group "Last Generation" by defacing Palazzo Madama's facade. Nor is it correct to engage in reductionism. The act is by no means derecognizable as "just a stupid thing."

9Jan 2023

Autumn is past, the time bomb is still ticking. Review to Capezzone

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"Bomba a orologeria" (Piemme, 2022) is Daniele Capezzone's latest book dedicated to Italy's delicate socio-political situation, whose deflagrative potential seemed particularly pronounced in the context of contemporary emergencies - health and war first and foremost.

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