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24Jan 2022

POLL: Who would you like as President of the Republic?

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The Center-Right starts with a relative majority of delegates. Among the names mostly circulating in these hours, on which one do you think the votes of the center-right delegates should be cast?

24Jan 2022

From London to Rome, why the Right is waning

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The British experience can also be a lesson for the Italian right, which has been declining in popularity for some years. Johnson's problem is the same as Salvini's: a disappointed and demoralized electorate.

21Jan 2022

Looking to the Stars: here's what's happening in space

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The heavens are a little more crowded in early 2022. There are more players, more systems in orbit...and more threats. The final frontier will enjoy increasing consideration in the coming years and decades.

20Jan 2022

Scott Cawthon: video game creator forced to retire because he's conservative

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Developer Scott Cawthon, with a successful career behind him, retired from gaming in June 2021 following attacks and threats he received online for the sole "fault" of being a Republican.

19Jan 2022

Italian conservatives need to focus on podcasts

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Podcasts and video podcasts are simply fundamental nowadays, they are the only channels where you can still discuss without running into censorship and political correctness. They are the media of the future and the Italian Right cannot stand by and do nothing.

18Jan 2022

By-elections for the Chamber of Deputies in Rome: results analysis

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Voting was held for the by-elections to the Chamber of Deputies for the uninominal College Lazio 1-01, i.e. the one that includes the Centre of Rome plus the Trionfale, Flaminio and della Vittoria districts. The result for the Center-Right was disastrous. Let's try to understand why.

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