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26Sep 2022

The Right-Center's historic success

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Giorgia Meloni will be the next head of the Italian government. The first woman, certainly, but also the first right-wing person, without "center-" prefixes, in Republican history. She will have a great historical responsibility and not an easy task.

24Sep 2022

ELECTION SPECIAL: Our Principles and the Parties. An overview

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With one day to go before the polls open, we would like to reintroduce to you the six points you have chosen as priorities from our list of principles for upcoming legislators. Going to look at how well the parties' programs agree with each of them.

22Sep 2022

"Liberal," "progressive," "conservative": looking for meaning - Part 2

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No longer just the essentially one-sided ethics of "rights" preached by "liberals" and "progressives" regardless of human reality, but an ethics and politics that combine rights and duties within the community in which people's lives take place.

21Sep 2022

"Vegaphobia": the Left's latest invention to repress us

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In the medium term, no wish of the "progressive" agenda seems to be able to find a real impediment. Now it seems to be the turn of "vegaphobia" to impose veganism. It is imperative for a conservative front to develop a counter-strategy.

20Sep 2022

Even geopolitics urges toward a presidential Italy

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The magnitude of the threats on the horizon demands a constitution close to the presidential model, abandoning regionalist ambitions and giving more powers to the president, accompanied by an electoral law that ensures governability.

14Sep 2022

"Liberal," "progressive," "conservative": looking for meaning - Part 1

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In the last two centuries, two visions opposed: one traceable to Kant, but firmly anchored in a tradition that could be traced-always with generous approximations-from Aristotle to natural lawism; the other, which in more ways than one finds its inspiration in Hegel.

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