2 Sep 2023

Denatality, economic crisis, clashes of civilizations and political decay: what to do?

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The drop in the birth rate in Italy - desired by certain circles - will lead to the collapse of the economy due to a lack of optimism in the future and push toward probable clashes between natives and non-integrated immigrants.

14 Jun 2023

The end of an era: who are we without Silvio Berlusconi?

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Silvio Berlusconi shaped Italy over the last 40 years, first as businessman, then as politician. His death leaves a void and many questions, the first of which is about the identity of us Italians at the end of the long era in which the Cavaliere was a protagonist in the national scene.

2 Mar 2023

The shipwrecked victims' blood is on the hands of the "refugee-welcomers"

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The Croton disaster is precisely the result of the excessive tolerance shown over the past two decades by the Italian authorities toward those who cross into our country illegally.

27 Apr 2022

Why rearming Italy

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Before suggesting how to channel military spending increased to 2% of GDP, it is essential to expose what are the threats challenging Italy and what strategic-military guidelines should drive military spending.

18 Feb 2022

No more bonuses. It's time to think about jobs

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In Italy we continue to rely on government subsidies that try to defibrillate dying bodies. The plethora of bonuses is endless. But if we must bet a chip it would be good to place it on the job.

18 Feb 2022

Ukraine: winners and losers (for now...)

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The crisis in Ukraine is far from over; rather, we can say that it is heading towards the conclusion of a round. Let us therefore try to draw some lessons from this red-hot round. In a nutshell, the question is only one: who won and who lost?

17 Feb 2022

What is needed in this critical moment for the Italian economy

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The Italian economy, after the dramatic fall in GDP in 2020 at the height of the pandemic crisis and the significant, but still partial, recovery in 2021, is going through a very delicate phase, in which GDP growth is losing momentum and is falling short of the forecasts made by the Government and leading analysts.

2 Feb 2022

Poor Italy! The projections that condemn us to decline

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An economy on the verge of collapse, cultural backwardness, demographic decline, unemployment and poverty on the rise, the picture is certainly already familiar to many readers and dramatic for Italy. The projections presented by PwC, Istat, Caritas and the University of Bergamo confirm this once again.

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