6 Feb 2023

IRANIAN WOMEN: between past and present - what future?

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This conference aimed to shed light on the condition of women in Iran and to understand what the possible outcome of the protests will be. The panelists are Irene Testa, journalist and radical activist, and Magdi Cristiano Allam, journalist and essayist.

30 Jan 2023

The interview with DANIELE CAPEZZONE

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The focus is his latest book "Clockwork Bomb. The scorching autumn of Italian politics". A 360-degree journey in which the hottest issues facing Italy in the national and international chessboard are addressed.

15 Dec 2022

The interview with NICOLA DE FELICE

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In the new episode of "The Interview," SILVIA ROBERTO meets Admiral Nicola DE FELICE, Senior Fellow at the Centro Studi Machiavelli and author of the book "Stop the Invasion - The Reasons for the Naval Blockade". She talks with him about the many problems related to illegal immigration and possible solutions to be implemented.

22 Oct 2022

The interview with DOMENICO FURGIUELE

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SILVIA ROBERTO meets League MP DOMENICO FURGIUELE, who has been re-elected in the 19th Legislature. The focus is on the new government's formation and the dossiers to be dealt with urgently. The balances to be found in the majority coalition and some internal reflections within the League.

20 Sep 2022

FACTS&JURISPRUDENCE - Stalking and Femicide

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SILVIA ROBERTO and ALBERTO AIMI will take a journey into the legal world to understand the workings of the Italian judicial machine and to understand how and where Italy's judicial system moves. The focus of the first episode is stalking and femicide.

5 Aug 2022

Significance of the defense industry and military intelligence (RAFFAELE VOLPI)

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Everything works jointly. Intelligence is essential to policy choices, to military choices, and even to the defense industry.

3 Aug 2022


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Since 2021 we have been facing a global energy crisis, further exacerbated this year by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and Western sanctions against Moscow. Italy is among the countries most affected by this crisis. What are the scenarios for the coming winter? What are the causes of the crisis? And the possible solutions?

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