12 May 2022

RUSSIAN-UKRAINIAN WAR. Scenarios and consequences for Italy

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La guerra tra Russia e Ucraina s’affaccia al terzo mese di combattimenti con una situazione sul terreno ancora molto incerta. Come proseguirà? C’è il pericolo di un allargamento? Quale sarà l’impatto sugli italiani?

5 May 2022

A conservative agenda for Italy: the debate

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With talks by Francesco Borgonovo (deputy director of "La Verità"), Domenico Furgiuele (Lega deputy), Guglielmo Picchi (Lega deputy), Rossano Sasso (Undersecretary of Education) and Daniele Scalea (President of the Centro Studi Machiavelli).

5 May 2022

Hacking Conservatism (FRANCESCO BORGONOVO)

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The present world is more to be subverted than conserved, but one can "hack" the term conservatism. To make it serve the truth, the real and natural things threatened by the revolution of transhuman barbarians.

5 May 2022

God, Fatherland, Family - today (EUGENIO CAPOZZI)

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God, Fatherland and Family is a triad of values that still expresses the sense of preserving. In it we find the sense of origin and community, the encounter between history and nature. The alternative is transhumanism, the father of all totalitarianism.

4 May 2022

THE INTERVIEW with Lorenzo Castellani

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Two years of pandemic emergency have touched fundamental principles of our daily life. Restrictions, precautions, regulations, leaving us suspended between reduced spaces and forced moves, between following doubts or becoming accustomed to obedience. The concept of freedom itself has been put in check by pressures, fears, questions and fears.

30 Apr 2022

THE INTERVIEW with Stefano Graziosi

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The focus of the discussion is the United States of America and the latest background from the Republican and Democratic political circles. From the conflict in Ukraine to policy decisions put in place by President Biden.

28 Apr 2022

WESTERN BALKANS. The other powder keg of Europe?

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The explosive situation in the Western Balkans should not be overlooked. The Republika Srpska is trying to gain de facto independence from Bosnia-Herzegovina, which is also crossed by tensions between Croats and Bosniaks. In the meantime, Serbia is rearming (also buying from China).

16 Apr 2022

NATO and Europe facing the Russian-Ukrainian War

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The war between Russia and Ukraine has imposed a difficult challenge on NATO and Europe. In particular, our continent risks to come out destabilized, between war at the gates, wave of refugees and socio-economic repercussions of sanctions. What are the scenarios for the near future and how should NATO and European countries deal with them?

12 Apr 2022

SATIRE ON THE RIGHT. From "Candido" to the digital natives

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Although in the mainstream discourse satire (at least the "good" kind) is always and only of the left, there is also a long tradition on the right. From the experience of "Candido" and Giovannino Guareschi to the digital cartoonists, passing through "LiberoVeleno", we retrace this tradition and question ourselves on the weight that satire and memes have today in the "battle of ideas". (IN ITALIAN)

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