15 Mar 2023

No, Leonardo's mother did not arrive on a boat. And she was probably an Italian, too

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A notarial act, a shared name, and a novel to "fill in the gaps." These are the elements by which the Italian press is hype the story of Leonardo da Vinci's alleged Circassian origin.

10 Mar 2023


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Under the effect of "deconstruction" and "globalization," it is hard to find shared values and beliefs in Italian culture that can unite the people. Will it be possible to return to the unifying and characterizing culture, the culture that is identity?

12 Jan 2023

Senate defacement is not just a stupid thing

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There is really nothing to laugh about the action committed by three activists of the fanatical environmental group "Last Generation" by defacing Palazzo Madama's facade. Nor is it correct to engage in reductionism. The act is by no means derecognizable as "just a stupid thing."

27 Dec 2022

Most read and most viewed of 2022

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The year 2022 is coming to its conclusion and, as usual, it is time to explore which were the most read articles on our blog in the past twelve months. So here are the ten favorites of our readers, in ascending order of readings.

12 Dec 2022

Nativity scene? Here's what's happening in Italian preschools

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It happens in a Rome preschool. Some teachers at the municipal institution seized and hid from view a Nativity scene that a little girl had brought for her classmates. Teachers and janitors locked themselves in a stubborn secrecy.

2 Dec 2022

CO2 is your sin. The bank your confessor

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No longer is there the stern preacher shouting from the pulpit admonishing the people about the pains of hell, but colorful, toy-like apps. Even sin is different: from what displeases God to what displeases Greta. And, of course, in place of the church is the bank, the new Temple of the 21st century.

14 Nov 2022

Let's do it the Florida way

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In Florida, voters convincingly supported the Republican leadership, which not only succeeded in imposing its political agenda but also managed to challenge and beat the liberals on the ideological field that has seen them victorious elsewhere.

4 Nov 2022

Shut Overton's window - before the (edible) bugs get in

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The insect taboo needs to be broken even in the home of good food, and for quite a while now the mainstream media has been informing us on a daily basis about how backward we are in not wanting to accept the diet of the future, and what the cost to the environment is.

10 Oct 2022

Too much CO2? The "green" credit card blocks your new purchases

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Credit cards with a double ceiling are becoming increasingly popular: the economic one and the "environmental" one, based on the so-called "carbon footprint" that each transaction would entail. A Pavlovian training system that could even become mandatory.

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