9 Apr 2024

Wokeism, cancel culture, oikophobia. Three threats to our civilization

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Emanuele Mastrangelo, curatore del libro "Wokeismo, Cancel Culture, Oicofobia: Tre minacce alla nostra civiltà", discute con il giornalista Pasquale Ferraro di quest'ultima uscita della collana Machiavellica.

22 Mar 2024

Wokeism, cancel culture, oikophobia. Three threats to our civilization

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Un saggio che spiega come l’Occidente ha prodotto un’ideologia basata su isterismo di massa, odio delle proprie origini e negazione della realtà materiale. Con i contributi di Lorenzo Bernasconi, Francesco Erario, Raimondo Fabbri, Emanuele Mastrangelo, Enrico Petrucci, Spartaco Pupo e Daniele Scalea, e tre interviste di Nathan Greppi a Marcello Foa, Marcello Veneziani e Giulio Meotti. 

19 Mar 2024

WOKEISMO, CANCEL CULTURE, OICOFOBIA. Presentazione del libro presso Nazione Futura

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Wokeismo, cancel culture e oicofobia sono le tre minacce mortali alla civiltà occidentale che il fronte liberal sta portando avanti. Ne parla il saggio "Wokeismo, cancel culture, oicofobia", collettaneo curato da Emanuele Mastrangelo.

12 Mar 2024

Freedom of speech: a matter of principle, a strategy against the left

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Cases of teachers and intellectuals being attacked for their ideas are multiplying. The conservatives should defend them, indiscriminately and apart from matter, in the name of its traditions of freedom and a far-reaching anti-Wokeism strategy.

31 Dec 2023

Top-Read and Most-Watched in 2023

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Here is a roundup of the ten most-read articles on our blog in 2023. These articles captured the interest of our readers and we highly recommend them!

22 Dec 2023

The morale factor

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Soldier training, the impact of the Internet on public morale, the role of military associations, and youth education are just some of the topics addressed in the panel "The Morale Factor" at the 2023 Machiavelli Defense Conference.

12 Oct 2023

Mastrangelo on Byoblu: "We cannot risk a new 1973 crisis. We must welcome any diplomatic action."

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Emanuele Mastrangelo interviewed on Byoblu: There is no other way out of this crisis than a negotiated solution. Neither side has the strength to impose a Carthaginian solution, so welcome any truce initiative to avoid a new bloodshed and an oil crisis worse than that of 1973.

25 Sep 2023

Have you read Vannacci's "Il mondo al contrario"? Here are the 12 books to take the next step

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Vannacci's book is the first step and shows that there is a hunger for reading in the Right. And there have always been books, just that the public never noticed. So here are 12 more texts to delve into. 12 books by living Italian authors that march divided and strike united with the General's.

8 Sep 2023

Bird Box Barcelona. A Catholic film in the Netflix programming?

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The survival horror "Bird Box Barcelona" distributed by Netflix is suitable for a Catholic slant. An oddball in the woke programming of the California-based TV entertainment battleship, where LGBT, immigrant and anti-Christian themes dominate.

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