V.A. (curated by Emanuele Mastrangelo), Wokeismo, cancel culture, oicofobia. Tre minacce alla nostra civiltà, Historica/Giubilei-Regnani, Rome 2024, 200 pp., ISBN ISBN 978-88-33374-81-9, € 16,00

Gramsci and the Frankfurt School, French postmodernism and California ultracapitalism, all fermented on American college campuses. The West has thus produced an ideology based on mass hysteria, hatred of its own origins and denial of material reality. Having now become a kind of state religion for leftists on both sides of the Atlantic, wokeism, cancel culture and oikophobia pursue the assisted suicide of Western civilization. In this collection of essays and interviews, the authors interrogate the origins of this ideology and its practices, unmasking the insidious penetration of wokeism into our daily lives and institutions and offering a manual for resistance and counterattack.
A new volume in the Machiavellica series, with contributions by Lorenzo Bernasconi, Francesco Erario, Raimondo Fabbri, Emanuele Mastrangelo, Enrico Petrucci, Spartaco Pupo and an introduction by Daniele Scalea, with three interviews by Nathan Greppi with Marcello Foa, Marcello Veneziani and Giulio Meotti.

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