27 Dec 2022

Most read and most viewed of 2022

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The year 2022 is coming to its conclusion and, as usual, it is time to explore which were the most read articles on our blog in the past twelve months. So here are the ten favorites of our readers, in ascending order of readings.

19 Jul 2022

Project 2050: a new dystopian novel foreshadows a (gloomy) future for Italy

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"Project 2050" is a book that, despite the fact that some predictions may seem extreme, is certainly worth reading. It is one of those dystopian novels that warns us of potential threats and reminds us what values we should never give up.

12 Jul 2022

They are cancelling children's books as well - Nathan Greppi to Radio Libertà

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Nathan Greppi, a contributor to Centro Studi Machiavelli, was interviewed by PierLuigi Pellegrin on Radio Libertà. Greppi spoke about the article "Censorship, Bans and Burnings: How the Left is 'Purging' Children's Literature," where he illustrates how in many countries cancel culture is affecting children's fiction.

8 Jul 2022

Israel: Bennett government comes to an end. Why, and what will happen now

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After the government downfall, which was announced June 20 and saw right-wing premier Naftali Bennett temporarily replaced by centrist Yair Lapid, Israel will go to its fifth general election in three and a half years, scheduled for Oct. 25.

5 Jul 2022

Energy sovereignty according to Francesco Giubilei

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"Energy Sovereignty" is a book that serves to alert us to the challenges now and those to come, but it also tries to offer insights into seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The problems related to rising energy prices, although serious, are not insurmountable.

27 Jun 2022

Censorship, bans and the stake: how the Left is "purging" children's literature

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There are many generations who, during their childhood, grew up with such children's fiction classics as "The Grinch" or "The Chocolate Factory." Unfortunately, in the very countries from which these classics originated, they are increasingly being targeted by extremist proponents of cancel culture.

17 Jun 2022

The roots of woke ideology (explained by Francesco Erario)

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How did political correctness come about? What are the historical, social and cultural roots of such a disturbing phenomenon? Those who have tried to give an answer is Francesco Erario in his first book, "Woke. The Birth of a New Ideology," published by Idrovolante.

7 Jun 2022

The Depp-Heard trial and the defeat of MeToo

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The trial shows how the new drifts of political correctness are far less hegemonic than people believe. A lesson to remember, because the #Metoo advocates will not give up so easily: they have lost a battle, but the war is still on.

30 May 2022

The Escape: Iannaccone's novel warning against progressive dystopia

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The arrival of the social credit system in Italy is imagined by journalist and writer Mario Arturo Iannaccone in his novel "The Escape," where many parallels between the imagined future and our present appear quite disturbing.

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