Here is a roundup of the ten most-read articles on our blog in 2023. These articles captured the interest of our readers and we highly recommend them!


10. After Zerocalcare, Giopizzi: the denialism of political correctness is rampant (on the left)

Left-wing youtuber GioPizzi has posted a video in which he denies the existence of political correctness. Exactly like Zerocalcare's article belittling cancel culture, he is in error. (Nathan Greppi) :::read


9. 1984 orwell totalitarismo censuraDo you read Orwell or Tolkien? To Britain, you are a potential terrorist

The British government's Prevent program has a list of books that can lead the reader to radicalize and become a "white supremacist": G.K. Chesterton, Aldous Huxley, J.R.R. Tolkien, Joseph Conrad, C.S. Lewis, and George Orwell! (Enrico Petrucci) :::read


8. bambina che piangeGender comes to Rome's kindergartens. And it will be compulsory

The 'gender theory' a.k.a. 'deconstructivism' arrives as the official and compulsory guideline of the municipality of Rome for the education of children in kindergartens and nursery schools. Families and teachers fear that a forcibly rainbow model of education will be imposed on them, using the Trojan horse of the 'fight against stereotypes'. (Emanuele Mastrangelo) :::read


7. Pompeii fresco depicting Cleopatra.Cleopatra was not even tanned (far from black)

With all due respect to the authors of the TV series about Cleopatra, there is not the slightest possibility that the last Queen of Egypt was even tan. But at stake is not only philological correctness. (Emanuele Mastrangelo and Daniele Scalea) :::read


6. The Gipi Case: Italian comics has its own "sexist" scandal

A few days before the discussions about Fedez and Pio & Amedeo, another controversy, far from television studios, touched Italian culture, specifically the world of comics: the cartoonist and director Gipi saw one of his cartoons, published on "Instagram" on April 22, obscured. (Nathan Greppi) :::read


5. leninLenin was a bloodthirsty dictator. As much and more than Mussolini

Lenin was a ruthless and bloodthirsty dictator. Everything that can be blamed on Mussolini can also be blamed on him. Those who defend Lenin today either exhibit abysmal ignorance or are apologists for vast and heinous crimes and should be treated as such. (Daniele Scalea) :::read


4. pescaThe Esselunga ad and the Giambruno affaire: the egocentrism of our age

The media spin-offs of Esselunga's "The Peach" commercial and the Giambruno affair show how our society has taken an increasingly self-centered turn, a sign of adolescent thinking that fails to become adult. (Claudia Ruvinetti) :::read


3. gay pride ideologia genderChildren entrusted to pro-pedophiles? Two scandals shake up LGBT activism

Two news reports in recent hours bring to the forefront the issue of the ongoing attempt to "normalize" pedophilia.(Daniele Scalea) :::read


2. leonardo da vinciNo, Leonardo's mother did not arrive on a boat. And she was probably an Italian, too

A notarial act, a shared name, and a novel to "fill in the gaps." These are the elements by which the Italian press is hype the story of Leonardo da Vinci's alleged Circassian origin. (Emanuele Mastrangelo) :::read


1. roberto vannacci il mondo al contrarioOne General's book is making Italy debate

General Roberto Vannacci's book, "The World Upside Down," has become the publishing case of the summer. Here's what's really in it and why it's a test of conservatives' ability to break out of the "permitted discourse" set by the Left.(Daniele Scalea) :::read

The Most-Read Report of 2023

Here is the most-read dossier of the Machiavelli Center in 2023: an essential read to understand one of the least publicized but most important topics of the year.

machiavellidossier 42 guerra cognitiva la nuova minaccia ibrida

COGNITIVE WARFARE. The new hybrid threat

In Dossier No. 42, produced with the support of the Augustus Foundation, Emanuel Pietrobon describes the latest frontier of hybrid warfare, namely cognitive warfare, highlighting the threats to Italy as well.

The expectation of those pursuing cognitive operations is a Sun Tzu-like victory: an overpowered enemy without the need to fight him. :::read

The most-watched video of 2023

We conclude this review by offering you our most-watched video of the past year: it is one of the speeches at the recent Machiavelli Defense Conference 2023, by Gen. Michele Oballa. Enjoy the show!

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