In Dossier No. 42, produced with the support of the Augustus Foundation, Emanuel Pietrobon describes the latest frontier of hybrid warfare, namely cognitive warfare, highlighting the threats to Italy as well.




  • The new hybrid wars encompass the waging of conflicts remotely fought with nonlethal weapons. This is the case with cognitive operations, the latest frontier of hybrid wars, which attack a society's information environment to sow discord and weaken it.
  • The expectation of those pursuing cognitive operations is a Sun Tzu-like victory: an overpowered enemy without the need to fight him.
  • Russia and China have waged cognitive operations to foment divisions within Western societies, polarizing them and stirring up pre-existing contrasts.
  • The IRA, a group linked to Yevgeny Prigozhin, has used social media in the Trump administration years to stir up discord in the U.S., particularly targeting African-Americans to inflame racial tensions.
  • TikTok is accused of being a cognitive operation of China. While the Chinese version promotes edifying content, abroad TikTok is spreading wokeism, anti-social behavior and other ideas that weaken target societies.
  • Liberal democracies are particularly vulnerable to cognitive operations, but to date there is a lack of prevention and deterrence strategies. Italy should focus on developing critical thinking in young people and controlling what happens on the Internet.


Dossier 42 - Guerra cognitiva
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