11 Jun 2024

II CONVEGNO MACHIAVELLI CULTURA: Difendere la nostra storia

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Gli Italiani devono tornare a studiare la loro storia, prima di tutto per scoprire chi sono. E, in secondo luogo, per sfatare le "leggende nere" anti-occidentali diffuse da coloro che odiano la nostra civiltà.

22 Aug 2023

Vannacci affair. 'Il Giornale' quotes Daniele Scalea

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Il Giornale of August 22, 2023 quotes Daniele Scalea on the Vannacci case. The article, authored by Francesco Giubilei, gives an account of the voices that have risen to defend the serviceman under attack after the publication of the book " Il mondo al contrario."

21 Apr 2023


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In his new book, Yoram Hazony provides a new theoretical basis for conservatism by moving beyond moderate liberalism, arguing that a resurgence of conservatism is possible in the 21st century in the West.

17 Apr 2023

Recipe for bringing culture back to the youth - FRANCESCO GIUBILEI

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There is no use in increasing the number of college graduates if they have no job opportunities or are underpaid. By solving this problem, giving birthrate aid, educating people to read right from school, rejecting multiculturalism that wipes out our identity, we can return to spreading culture among young people.

10 Mar 2023


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Under the effect of "deconstruction" and "globalization," it is hard to find shared values and beliefs in Italian culture that can unite the people. Will it be possible to return to the unifying and characterizing culture, the culture that is identity?

3 Mar 2023

If this is the man: report of the Pro Vita conference

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The meeting raised many points of interest. Above all, a need was highlighted: we must organize resistance to the new transhumanist world of which the Ferragni, social censorship, and "ecological transition" are the epiphenomena.

11 Jan 2023

The migration challenge to Europe

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The mass immigration sweeping Europe is a continental challenge that requires a common response. How can Italy and Hungary - two countries on the border of the EU - find shared solutions to the issue?

5 Jul 2022

Energy sovereignty according to Francesco Giubilei

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"Energy Sovereignty" is a book that serves to alert us to the challenges now and those to come, but it also tries to offer insights into seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The problems related to rising energy prices, although serious, are not insurmountable.

24 Feb 2022

UCRAINA: la situazione

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Speciale a cura del Centro Studi Machiavelli. Aggiornamenti e analisi sulla situazione. Con la partecipazione di Lorenzo Bernasconi, Luciano Bozzo, Francesco Giubilei, Stefano Graziosi, Guglielmo Picchi, Daniele Scalea.

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