18 Jul 2023

Let's face it: the Wokeist Culture War has broken out

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Far from "rearguard battles." Those of the Wokeist Front are real assaults against the Conservatives in Italy. From the Senate President to orchestral conductors, from journalists to ministers, the Liberal Left is on the ideological offensive. It is time for Conservatives to realize that there is a Culture War going on and to decide to counterattack on the same level.

19 Apr 2023

Cultural identity is necessary - BEATRICE VENEZI

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Culture binds individuals together in relation to a common land, a common Fatherland. Cultural identity is fundamental in preserving the memory, traditions and values of a people. Without cultural identity, there is no national identity.

14 Apr 2023

"Il Giornale" on Venezi's participation in the Machiavelli Culture Conference.

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Beatrice Venezi's participation in the Machiavelli Culture Conference, held on April 12, was reported by "Il Giornale" today in an article by Nico Spuntoni.

10 Mar 2023


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Under the effect of "deconstruction" and "globalization," it is hard to find shared values and beliefs in Italian culture that can unite the people. Will it be possible to return to the unifying and characterizing culture, the culture that is identity?

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