Beatrice Venezi's participation in the Machiavelli Culture Conference, held on April 12, was reported by today's "Il Giornale" in an article by Nico Spuntoni in which some statements by the conductor and advisor to Minister Sangiuliano are reported.

The article is also featured in the newspaper's website. Here is a brief excerpt:

After the transalpine mini-protest, Venezi has no intention of starting to hide her ideas. This is evidenced by her participation in the conference entitled "Culture is Identity" by the conservative think tank Centro Studi Machiavelli. A public activity aimed at dismantling what Minister Sangiuliano's music advisor calls "the false axiom that only the left can deal with culture." Speaking to Il Giornale, Venezi lamented the decisive weight of political affiliation in the careers of artists and intellectuals.