11 Jun 2024

II CONVEGNO MACHIAVELLI CULTURA: Difendere la nostra storia

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Gli Italiani devono tornare a studiare la loro storia, prima di tutto per scoprire chi sono. E, in secondo luogo, per sfatare le "leggende nere" anti-occidentali diffuse da coloro che odiano la nostra civiltà.

25 Sep 2023

Have you read Vannacci's "Il mondo al contrario"? Here are the 12 books to take the next step

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Vannacci's book is the first step and shows that there is a hunger for reading in the Right. And there have always been books, just that the public never noticed. So here are 12 more texts to delve into. 12 books by living Italian authors that march divided and strike united with the General's.

25 Aug 2023

Mastrangelo on RadioRadio about the Vannacci affair

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Emanuele Mastrangelo interviewed on RadioRadio: "The left attacks Vannacci because they know that cancel culture is the government's Achilles' heel."

22 Aug 2023

Vannacci affair. 'Il Giornale' quotes Daniele Scalea

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Il Giornale of August 22, 2023 quotes Daniele Scalea on the Vannacci case. The article, authored by Francesco Giubilei, gives an account of the voices that have risen to defend the serviceman under attack after the publication of the book " Il mondo al contrario."

12 Jun 2023

'Better pig than fascist'. Poor Miyazaki, reduced to an anti-fascist slogan

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The protests against Giorgia Meloni misuse a line from a famous animation film by Miyazaki: 'better pig than fascist'. But a genius like the Japanese director should be approached with humility, rather than trying to exploit him without understanding him.

16 May 2023

CALL FOR PAPERS - For a National Culture

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The goal is to involve and stimulate those who identify with a national and conservative culture to produce original thinking on issues that will characterize our political-cultural proposal in the coming years.

19 Apr 2023

Cultural identity is necessary - BEATRICE VENEZI

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Culture binds individuals together in relation to a common land, a common Fatherland. Cultural identity is fundamental in preserving the memory, traditions and values of a people. Without cultural identity, there is no national identity.

18 Apr 2023

A strong cultural proposal to convince the young - LORENZO BERNASCONI

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What defines a civilization is its cultural boundaries. Culture unites as much as it divides: it has a claim to truth, it is biased, it is exclusive. One should not be afraid to powerfully re-propose his own culture, not least because young people prefer precisely strong propositions.

17 Apr 2023

Recipe for bringing culture back to the youth - FRANCESCO GIUBILEI

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There is no use in increasing the number of college graduates if they have no job opportunities or are underpaid. By solving this problem, giving birthrate aid, educating people to read right from school, rejecting multiculturalism that wipes out our identity, we can return to spreading culture among young people.

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