20 Oct 2023

The Machiavelli at the summit of Hungarian-Italian conservative think tanks

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Centro Studi Machiavelli participated in the think tank summit held in Budapest on October 16. The meeting was organized by the Budapest Center for Fundamental Rights, Alapjogokért Központ.

3 Oct 2023

Machiavelli's dossier "Cognitive Warfare" and the meetings with Jordan Peterson on Al Jazeera

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Al Jazeera takes up Machiavelli's dossier "Cognitive Warfare, New Hybrid Threat" and Jordan Peterson's lectures at the Florentine branch of the Centro Studi to analyze the devastating effects of psyop operations spreading wokeism among young people in Western and Arab societies.

1 Oct 2023

"War has changed". Lanternaweb looks back at Machiavelli's "Cognitive Warfare" dossier

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Lanternaweb resumes the dossier presentation by Emanuel Pietrobon "Cognitive Warfare. New Hybrid Threat" held at the press room of the Chamber of Deputies last Sept. 25.

26 Sep 2023

La Verità on Pietrobon's dossier: "TikTok, Chinese woke attack on the West"

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Submitted to the House on Sept. 25, Emanuel Pietrobon's dossier Cognitive Warfare, was taken up by La Verità in an article by Alessandro Rico.

8 Sep 2023

France quotes Machiavelli to explain Vannacci's book

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President Daniele Scalea's article "One General's book is making Italy debate" was picked up by the French website Observatoire du Journalisme, which in a lengthy report explains the Vannacci affair to readers of the Hexagon.

22 Aug 2023

Vannacci affair. 'Il Giornale' quotes Daniele Scalea

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Il Giornale of August 22, 2023 quotes Daniele Scalea on the Vannacci case. The article, authored by Francesco Giubilei, gives an account of the voices that have risen to defend the serviceman under attack after the publication of the book " Il mondo al contrario."

2 Aug 2023

"Il Primato Nazionale" takes up Machiavelli's "Cognitive Warfare" dossier

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Valerio Benedetti on " Il Primato Nazionale " takes up the dossier Cognitive Warfare. A New Hybrid Threat by Emanuel Pietrobon, highlighting how Italy still lacks in-depth studies on these new strategic scenarios beyond the work of the Centro Studi Machiavelli.

6 May 2023

Media review: the Machiavelli at CPAC Hungary 2023

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Centro Studi Machiavelli - with President Daniele Scalea and Vice President Guglielmo Picchi - participated in CPAC 2023 - Conservative Political Action Conference - held in Budapest on May 4 and 5. CPAC is the major meeting of conservative and national movements in the Western world.

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