Presented in the Parliament on September 25, Emanuel Pietrobon's dossier Cognitive Warfare. New Hybrid Threat, was taken up by La Verità in an article by Alessandro Rico.

"We are in the age of cognitive warfare," Rico writes, "A report by the Centro Studi Machiavelli (directed by Daniele Scalea), prepared in collaboration with the Texas-based Augustus Foundation and presented at the Italian Parliament, explains this. Present at the event were Carmine Masiello, deputy chief of the Defense General Staff, and Emanuel Pietrobon, the dossier's author."

Rico traces the contents of Pietrobon's alarming study, concluding, "'To stand up against such attacks is difficult, not least because the target audience is segment of the population least equipped with critical sense. That one, regardless of the Russian or Chinese nudge, we are demolishing on our own, for fear of offending minorities, or to impose the dogma of science made by decree and fatwas. In the end, the best ally of our enemies is us."

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