Valerio Benedetti on "Il Primato Nazionale" takes up the dossier "Cognitive Warfare. A New Hybrid Threat" by Emanuel Pietrobon, highlighting how Italy still lacks in-depth studies on these new strategic scenarios besides the work of the Centro Studi Machiavelli.

As long as there has been man, there has been war. As long as there has been war, there has been propaganda. In fact, upon closer inspection, conflicts are often won first in the mind than on the battlefield. Not surprisingly, since the dawn of civilization, troop morale has always been a decisive aspect of the outcome of combat. However, throughout history, propaganda techniques and strategies have changed profoundly. In the 20th century, for example, civilian populations became a real target of war: think terrorist bombings to weaken their morale. From 20th-century "total war," then, we have moved more recently to so-called "hybrid wars," which are waged on multiple levels and with often very different weapons (from tanks to economic sanctions, from cyberattacks to disinformation). Here, in this context, in recent years the world's superpowers have been refining a new type of conflict, namely "cognitive warfare."

What is Cognitive Warfare?

Little or nothing can still be found on the subject in Italy. That is why a new dossier published by the Centro Studi Machiavelli is very useful. Written by young geopolitical analyst Emanuel Pietrobon, this agile and informed document helps us understand what a cognitive war is and why, in the West and especially in Italy, we are not prepared for this unprecedented form of conflict... CONTINUE READING ON “IL PRIMATO NAZIONALE” 

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