26 Jan 2023

In Norway, feminists now face jail time

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In Norway, an update to the criminal code has been introduced regarding "hate crimes" based on gender identity and expression, which has begun to claim prominent victims among feminists in contrast to a certain trans narrative.

15 Dec 2022

Scottish government defeats feminists: now males too can be women

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Not even in Old Europe is the "definition of a woman" now a "simple and affordable" thing. This is demonstrated in Scotland, where the question of what a woman legally is ended up in court when a group of old-fashioned feminists sued the Scottish government. 

3 Nov 2022

Presidents, articles and pronouns: from Kamala Harris to Giorgia Meloni

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Perhaps Giorgia Meloni has taken a liking to it, and after becoming the first female Prime Minister she is now planning to beat the feminists at their favorite game and according to their rules: what else would a woman's request to address her through the use of words pertaining to the male gender represent if not a powerful transfeminist statement?

26 Jul 2022

Reflections on an infanticide: beyond the narrative of "toxic masculinity"

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There is a recent but strongly entrenched prejudice in Western countries: wickedness would be an inherently masculine peculiarity and would constitute the founding core of what in feminist circles is called toxic masculinity.

7 Jun 2022

The Depp-Heard trial and the defeat of MeToo

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The trial shows how the new drifts of political correctness are far less hegemonic than people believe. A lesson to remember, because the #Metoo advocates will not give up so easily: they have lost a battle, but the war is still on.

13 Apr 2022

Manliness. The forgotten virtue according to Harvey Mansfield

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In 2006, many current developments, especially regarding the excesses of feminism, were already predicted in Harvey Mansfield's essay " Manliness ". In this era it is necessary to rediscover what it means to be a male, beyond ideological preconceptions.

1 Mar 2022

Ideologia gender di Stato

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I sostenitori dell’ideologia gender si preparano a tornare alla carica, dopo il fallimento del Ddl Zan. Questo perché il concetto di “identità di genere” ha un’importanza cardinale nei progetti della Sinistra, come analizzato nel report "Transfemminismo istituzionalizzato. Prepararsi alle prossime mosse dopo il Ddl Zan" di Francesco Erario.

16 Feb 2022

INSTITUTIONALIZED TRANSFEMINISM. Preparing for the next steps after the Zan bill

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Nel Dossier n. 34 Francesco Erario analizza l'ideologia sottostante al fallito Ddl Zan, evidenziandone la pericolosità e mettendo in guardia dai prossimi tentativi che verranno fatta di istituzionalizzarla.

29 Sep 2021

A chi dà fastidio il culo della Spigolatrice di Sapri

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Le femministe sono furiose per la statua della Spigolatrice di Sapri: "Sessista". Ma evidentemente ignorano la storia dell'arte e il principio della kalokagathia (che da sempre riguarda anche gli uomini). O forse vogliono continuare la crociata contro il Bello nel nome del costruzionismo e della body positivity?

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