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Research fellow at the Machiavelli Center. A philosophy scholar, he has been working for years on the topic of the revaluation of nihilism and the great German Romantic philosophy.
10 Mar 2024

Malaguti on Cusano Italia TV: European elections and Green Deal

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On March 4, at 8:30 p.m., researcher Marco Malaguti was a live guest on TG Plus, hosted by Graziano Talone, broadcast on Cusano Italia TV

11 Dec 2023

Wokeism, child of the union of Maoism and post-Marxism

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Wokeism is the latest manifestation of the ideological hatred for the past and tradition, mixing Maoism and deconstructionism into an irrational mixture that can be fought only if the weapons of dialectics are joined by those of the most positive sentiments.

5 Dec 2023

BIOPOETICA. Breve critica filosofica all’aborto e all’eutanasia

Di Maria Alessandra Varone e Marco Malaguti|2023-12-05T23:01:16+01:005 December 2023|Categorie: Dossier|Tag: , , , , , |1 Commento

Nel primo numero della nuova serie "MachiavelliIdee", dedicata a testi di riflessione e pensiero, Marco Malaguti e Maria Alessandra Varone affrontano dal punto di vista filosofico le grandi questioni di bioetica: l'aborto e l'eutanasia.

5 Dec 2023

Germany: is FDP about to slip out of government?

Di Marco Malaguti|2023-12-05T17:37:46+01:005 December 2023|Categorie: Commenti e opinioni, Politica estera|Tag: , , , , , , |0 Commenti

In Germany, the Scholz government is suffering a crisis of consensus caused by the imposition of European policies on the country: green deal and sanctions on Russia. And FDP considers abandoning ship before it sinks....

26 Nov 2023

From class struggle to gender struggle

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Leftists have abandoned collective class struggle to embrace ultra-individualist battles such as feminism and gender. The only answer may be a return to the values of our deep European roots.

10 Oct 2023

Germany: now even the West is turning to the Right

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The result of Germany's regional elections favored Alternative für Deutschland and other conservative formations, punishing Greens, radical Left and Social Democrats. Plus a surprise result: conservatives are attracting abstentionists to the polls.

8 Oct 2023

Germany: AfD leader stabbed. But no one talks about it

Di Marco Malaguti|2023-10-08T14:43:07+02:008 October 2023|Categorie: Commenti e opinioni, Politica estera|Tag: , , , , , , , , |0 Commenti

Candidates and activists of Germany's sovereignist AfD party are subjected to violence, attacks and threats. In the (smug) silence of other parties, the media and the establishment.

26 Sep 2023

Vannacci's strategy: stop being passive, put progressives under pressure

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In his book, General Vannacci does not play catch-up, but moves to strike at progressive ideology. A strategy that keeps pressure on wokeism and puts it on the defensive for the first time in many years (at least in Italy). A role it has never had to sustain so far and that can seriously undermine it.

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