22 Jun 2022

CONSERVARE L’ANIMA. Presentazione del libro

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In a modern world prey to the new liberal-progressive totalitarianism, there is little still left standing to preserve. We must be revolutionaries and defend the ancient cardinal points: God, Fatherland, Family.

24 May 2022

The conservative international has convened in Budapest.

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The intense Hungarian days are a reminder of the importance of rallying and bringing together exponents of the global Right, in order to build cooperation networks and synergies, developing thinking and strategies through debate.

23 May 2022

Defeating liberal-progressivism: the 12 teachings of Orban

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Progressives are threatening the entire Western civilization, and the real danger comes not from outside but from within. Hungary is the laboratory where we tested the antidote to the progressives' domination. The remedy is open-source, free and includes twelve points.

5 May 2022

A conservative agenda for Italy: the debate

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With talks by Francesco Borgonovo (deputy director of "La Verità"), Domenico Furgiuele (Lega deputy), Guglielmo Picchi (Lega deputy), Rossano Sasso (Undersecretary of Education) and Daniele Scalea (President of the Centro Studi Machiavelli).

5 May 2022

Hacking Conservatism (FRANCESCO BORGONOVO)

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The present world is more to be subverted than conserved, but one can "hack" the term conservatism. To make it serve the truth, the real and natural things threatened by the revolution of transhuman barbarians.

5 May 2022

God, Fatherland, Family - today (EUGENIO CAPOZZI)

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God, Fatherland and Family is a triad of values that still expresses the sense of preserving. In it we find the sense of origin and community, the encounter between history and nature. The alternative is transhumanism, the father of all totalitarianism.

4 May 2022


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In Italy, too, political parties and associations that refer to conservatism are multiplying. But, beyond borrowing the term from other national traditions, what does it really mean to be conservative? With what principles and what agenda should they present themselves to the citizens and, soon, to the voters?

1 Feb 2022

Preserving the soul, defending tradition. Borgonovo's manual

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"Conservare l'anima" is an excellent spiritual manual for those who want to be revolutionaries. It teaches, among other things, that it is not enough to conserve but one must know how to defend: literally, to repel the enemy. In politics, knowing how to oppose a counter-narrative, an alternative vision of the world.

2 Sep 2021

Tra tante società di sinistra, McDonald’s può diventare bastione della destra?

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Dal momento che attualmente non abbiamo alcun amico nel panorama aziendale, è obbligatorio per il mondo conservatore farsene di nuovi. Io suggerisco di partire con "McDonald's".

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