by Machiavelli Center for Political and Strategic Studies

Centro Studi Machiavelli recently completed a mission to the U.S., in Washington DC, in order to promote coordination with some of the world's most important think tanks.

The first stop was at the Heritage Foundation, which the Machiavelli has a formal collaboration agreement with. At the headquarters of the prestigious think tank, our president Daniele Scalea spoke at The Dangers of Gender Ideology at Home and Abroad conference.
A speaker in the first session devoted to Europe, President Scalea described the Italian situation, emphasizing the worrying spread of gender ideology even in our nation. The conference was followed by the first meeting of the forming International Coalition Against Gender Imperialism: a cluster of international NGOs that aim to fight this ideology together in a systematic way. The coalition already gathers members from the US, Hungary, Brazil, Poland, Canada, and Mexico; thanks to Machiavelli, also Italy is represented.

Daniele Scalea, Centro Studi Machiavelli, interviene a Heritage Foundation, 27 febbraio 2024

Daniele Scalea speaks at the Heritage Foundation

These days in Washington, President Scalea, accompanied by Guglielmo Picchi, director for international relations, carried out a series of meetings to cement existing relations and promote new synergies between the Machiavelli and American realities. Bilaterals with the Heritage Foundation and the Hungarian Alapjogokert Kozpont (also present in Washington as co-organizer of the gender conference) served to plan upcoming joint initiatives with these organizations, already formally allied with the Machiavelli.

guglielmo picchi e daniele scalea, del centro studi machiavelli, incontrano kenneth weinstein, di hudson institute, a washington dc il 27 febbraio 2024

Guglielmo Picchi and Daniele Scalea together with Kenneth Weinstein (Hudson Institute)

Additional meetings also served to introduce our Center to other leading American conservative think tanks, such as America First Policy Institute, Hudson Institute, and Americans for Tax Reform (at the latter, Director Picchi had the opportunity to present Machiavelli at the iconic Wednesday Meeting). All three organizations welcomed with interest and willingness the prospect of collaborating with the Center.

all'america first policy institute, washington dc, la visita delle delegazioni del centro studi machiavelli e di alapjogokert kozpont, il 27 febbraio 2024

Meeting at the America First Policy Institute

A separate chapter deserves CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference that has been a landmark for the American Right since 1974. Between February 21 and 24, the annual event was held in Washington, and Lorenzo Bernasconi and Alice Carrazza participated as observers on behalf of the Machiavelli. The following week, Daniele Scalea and Guglielmo Picchi held a meeting with CPAC President Matt Schlapp, who publicly expressed his satisfaction by talking about "discussion to bring CPAC diplomacy to Italy fighting globalism."

The agenda of our two representatives in Washington also included political meetings in Congress, such as with Senator Roger Wicker, as well as fruitful conversations with such intellectuals as Christopher Caldwell and Nile Gardiner.

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This double mission to the U.S. capital confirms the Center's commitment to building an efficient international network of conservatives, and is a testament to the level of credibility it enjoys abroad.