12 May 2022

RUSSIAN-UKRAINIAN WAR. Scenarios and consequences for Italy

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The war between Russia and Ukraine is entering its third month of fighting with the situation on the ground still very uncertain. How will it continue? Is there a danger of widening? What will be the impact on Italians?

3 Apr 2022

WIND ENERGY IN TUSCANY. New projects and perspectives

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With the cost of energy becoming more and more onerous, it is necessary to look without prejudice at the development of new plants, starting with those from renewable sources. In Tuscany there are already several wind farms and other projects are in progress (such as the one that concerns Mugello).

9 Jun 2021

Blocco degli sfratti: oltre al danno, evitiamo la beffa dell’IMU

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Il Governo non solo ha il dovere di provvedere con adeguate forme di ristoro ma deve assolutamente intervenire per cancellare l’IMU, accogliendo l’emendamento presentato dalla Lega al decreto sostegni bis. Vogliamo evitare che, oltre al danno, ci sia la beffa.

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