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The war between Russia and Ukraine is entering its third month of fighting with a situation on the ground still very uncertain. The European Union and NATO are committed to support Kiev with the supply of weapons and the imposition of sanctions on Moscow, which are of particular concern to those countries - like Italy - more dependent on imports of Russian gas and oil. How will the war in Ukraine continue? Is there a danger of a widening of the conflict? What will be the impact of sanctions on the standard of living of Italians?

Discussing this topic are Gen. GIORGIO BATTISTI (Senior Fellow of Centro Studi Machiavelli), Prof. LUCIANO BOZZO (University of Florence), Hon. GUGLIELMO PICCHI (MP, former Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs) and Dr. DANIELE SCALEA (President of Centro Studi Machiavelli). Moderator: Avv. CECILIA CAPPELLETTI (metropolitan councilor, Lega-Centro Destra per il Cambiamento).
Working language: Italian.