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There are more and more political parties and associations in Italy that refer to conservatism. But, beyond borrowing the term from other national traditions, what does it really mean to be conservative? With what principles and what agenda should they present themselves to the citizens and, soon, to the voters?
The topic has recently received an important contribution to the discussion with the book Conserving the Soul by Francesco Borgonovo, which attempts to update the ideal triad "God, Homeland, Family" to oppose an alternative narrative to the dominant liberal-progressive system.

Intervengono proprio di FRANCESCO BORGONOVO, vice-direttore de “La Verità”, e dello storico EUGENIO CAPOZZI, professore ordinario (Università Suor Orsola Benincasa di Napoli) e consigliere scientifico del Centro Studi Machiavelli. Modera DANIELE SCALEA, presidente del Centro Studi Machiavelli.