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Research Fellow at the Machiavelli Center for Political and Strategic Studies, formerly worked as a consultant at European Parliament, Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Chamber of Deputies and Ministry of Economic Development. M.A. in Philosophy at the Catholic University of Milan.
8 Feb 2024

Bernasconi at "The Rule of Law as Lawfare" conference

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On Monday, January 22, in Brussels, Lorenzo Bernasconi participated as a researcher at the Centro Studi Machiavelli in the conference on "The Rule of Law as Lawfare" organized by The European Conservative, Danube Institute and the Center for Fundamental Rights.

8 Feb 2024

Lorenzo Bernasconi wrote about Israel-Palestine conflict

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Lorenzo Bernasconi published for Byoblu the four-handed essay "The Other Bell: Israel or Palestine" with Fulvio Grimaldi. The two opposing positions on the conflict compared.

27 Oct 2023

Bernasconi on Byoblu's "1984": " no participation and awareness is wanted"

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Lorenzo Bernasconi was an in-studio guest on the program "1984, piano di fuga" conducted by Francesco Borgonovo, on Byoblu on Oct. 24, 2023.

14 Apr 2023


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Presupposto del wokeismo è il pensiero debole. Bisogna dunque, in continuità con la tradizione occidentale, rivendicare il primato del pensiero razionale sull'emotività. Il pensiero conservatore deve calarsi nel dibattito pubblico.

16 Mar 2023

The euthanasia of Genevieve Lhermitte: justice or economy?

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It is difficult to empathize with a mother who almost exterminated her own family. However, the very enormity and absurdity of her insane act dictate deep reflection, without indulging in purely emotional reactions.

2 Mar 2023

The shipwrecked victims' blood is on the hands of the "refugee-welcomers"

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The Croton disaster is precisely the result of the excessive tolerance shown over the past two decades by the Italian authorities toward those who cross into our country illegally.

3 Jan 2023

Conservative and rational: profile of Pope Benedict XVI

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The passing of Joseph Ratzinger, alias Pope Benedict XVI, marks the end of an era for the Catholic Church. In addition to being a religious leader, Ratzinger was an influential figure culturally and politically, and it is from a political perspective that this article tries to draw a brief portrait.

16 Nov 2022

University, culture and performance: reflections around the Rossignoli case

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With all due respect to U.S. universities and their Italian imitations, only a model of education and assessment focused on the human and cultural growth of the student is capable of grasping and enhancing the enormous complexity of the human mind and its modes of learning.

3 Oct 2022

Elections: winners and losers - from Meloni to Paragone

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One week after the vote, although - between recounts and appeals - some minor surprises we may still have, the scenario is sufficiently defined to paint a picture of the winners and losers in the recently concluded election round.

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