14 Apr 2023


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Presupposto del wokeismo è il pensiero debole. Bisogna dunque, in continuità con la tradizione occidentale, rivendicare il primato del pensiero razionale sull'emotività. Il pensiero conservatore deve calarsi nel dibattito pubblico.

12 Jan 2023

Senate defacement is not just a stupid thing

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There is really nothing to laugh about the action committed by three activists of the fanatical environmental group "Last Generation" by defacing Palazzo Madama's facade. Nor is it correct to engage in reductionism. The act is by no means derecognizable as "just a stupid thing."

3 Nov 2022

Presidents, articles and pronouns: from Kamala Harris to Giorgia Meloni

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Perhaps Giorgia Meloni has taken a liking to it, and after becoming the first female Prime Minister she is now planning to beat the feminists at their favorite game and according to their rules: what else would a woman's request to address her through the use of words pertaining to the male gender represent if not a powerful transfeminist statement?

17 Jun 2022

The roots of woke ideology (explained by Francesco Erario)

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How did political correctness come about? What are the historical, social and cultural roots of such a disturbing phenomenon? Those who have tried to give an answer is Francesco Erario in his first book, "Woke. The Birth of a New Ideology," published by Idrovolante.

27 Apr 2022

When the Simpsons foresaw the triumph of woke ideology

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Many are the prophecies attributed to the Simpsons series. But there is a phenomenon that they were certainly able to intercept in unsuspected times, when it still aroused little attention, and that today is a much discussed topic: the woke ideology in American (and not only) universities.

26 Jan 2022

France rebels against cancel culture

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In France, the counterattack against cancel culture is emerging not only among ordinary people, but also in those that are the main bastions of its proponents: the universities.

28 Apr 2021

L’atlantismo al tempo della religione “woke”

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Le alternative sono un totalitarismo (post-)comunista, quello della Cina, e gli USA. La preferenza rimane ovvia ma, dopo la sconfitta di Trump ed il trionfo della religione ''woke'', è tempo che si prenda atto della trasformazione che sta avvenendo in America.

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