31 Jan 2023

"Hot topics in the USA and Italy" conference on Italian media

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The conference "Hot Topics in the U.S. and Italy," held at the Chamber of Deputies last Jan. 24 and co-organized by Centro Studi Machiavelli, Heritage Foundation and International Republican Institute, gained attention in the Italian media.

19 Jan 2023

Hot topics in USA and Italy

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Italian and American experts, gathered in Rome on the initiative of the Machiavelli Center for Political and Strategic Studies, Heritage Foundation and the International Republican Institute, will meet to discuss the hottest issues of the moment.

24 May 2022

The conservative international has convened in Budapest.

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The intense Hungarian days are a reminder of the importance of rallying and bringing together exponents of the global Right, in order to build cooperation networks and synergies, developing thinking and strategies through debate.

26 Nov 2021

La minaccia cinese e come affrontarla. La tavola rotonda con Dean Cheng

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Le crescenti minacce che la Cina pone all’Occidente. È di questo che si è occupata "China’s many challenges to the West", la tavola rotonda con ospite Dean Cheng, Senior Fellow di Heritage Foundation.

26 Nov 2021

China's many challenges to the West

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Discussione sulla natura della minaccia proveniente dalla Cina e sul modo migliore di rispondervi, con lo speciale contributo di Dean Cheng, Senior Fellow di Heritage Foundation.

1 Jul 2021

The New Social Structure of Western Politics

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As the crisis of 2008 has shaken the foundations of Western societies, shrinking the size of the middle class, four new classes have emerged: no politician or political party can exist today without claiming to be speaking on their behalf, nor win an electoral majority without building a coalition among these classes.

25 Jun 2021

The New Social Structure of Western Politics

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Ep. 2 of “Machiavelli Talks” with author Thibault Muzergues, Europe Program Director at the International Republican Institute. Host: Daniele Scalea

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