26 Nov 2021

La minaccia cinese e come affrontarla. La tavola rotonda con Dean Cheng

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Le crescenti minacce che la Cina pone all’Occidente. È di questo che si è occupata "China’s many challenges to the West", la tavola rotonda con ospite Dean Cheng, Senior Fellow di Heritage Foundation.

1 Jul 2021

The New Social Structure of Western Politics

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As the crisis of 2008 has shaken the foundations of Western societies, shrinking the size of the middle class, four new classes have emerged: no politician or political party can exist today without claiming to be speaking on their behalf, nor win an electoral majority without building a coalition among these classes.

30 Jun 2021

The New Social Structure of Western Politics

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Ep. 2 of “Machiavelli Talks” with author Thibault Muzergues, Europe Program Director at the International Republican Institute. Host: Daniele Scalea

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