20 Nov 2023

II MACHIAVELLI DEFENSE CONFERENCE: Lessons from the Russian-Ukrainian War

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Il conflitto in corso tra Russia e Ucraina rivela come stia cambiando la natura odierna della guerra. Ci sono tante lezioni che nazioni come l'Italia debbono studiare e apprendere, per essere pronte ad affrontare le sfide del futuro.

15 Feb 2023

Nagorno Karabakh: ethnic cleansing in progress?

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A few weeks ago Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan declared that Azerbaijan is conducting a "blatant policy of ethnic cleansing" and forcing Armenians living in the Nagorno Karabakh region to leave.

19 Jan 2023

Hot topics in USA and Italy

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Italian and American experts, gathered in Rome on the initiative of the Machiavelli Center for Political and Strategic Studies, Heritage Foundation and the International Republican Institute, will meet to discuss the hottest issues of the moment.

20 Jul 2022

What is happening along the Russia-Turkey-Iran triangle.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Tehran on Tuesday for talks with his Iranian and Turkish counterparts on key issues affecting the region. The three regional powers have a complex relationship of shared interests and contrasts.

7 Jul 2022

NATO releases the new Strategic Concept. What changes now

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NATO's new Strategic Concept is clear, concise and thoughtful. But what was decided in Madrid requires that a good proportion of the NATO countries' forces, including that of Italy, be potentially ready and able to intervene. And to do so requires adequate training, means and funds. 

13 Jun 2022

NATO is preparing its new Strategic Concept. Here's what it will look like

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In the more than 100 days since President Putin launched the invasion, NATO countries have had a clear indicator of the Russian armed forces' capabilities, and at the end of June, at the Alliance summit in Madrid, the NATO Strategic Concept for 2022 will be consequently agreed upon.

18 May 2022

Time for Taiwan to join WHO

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Given what is happening in North Korea, one can hardly understand the logic guiding WHO's decisions. It seems necessary to support Taiwan's inclusion in WHO to enable it to fully participate in the mechanisms and activities.

12 Apr 2022

Beijing looks to Taiwan. For now, drawing its own red lines

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A Taiwan invaded and in the hands of People's China would give Beijing worldwide control of electronics manufacturing. For now, Chinese President Xi draws "red lines", such as the one he has indicated as not surmountable, in recent days, for the visit to Taipei of the speaker of the US Congress, Nancy Pelosi.

6 Apr 2022

Russia vs Ukraine: how will it end?

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It's hard to see this war ending with a peace agreement anytime soon. It will be a long diplomatic journey. Much more likely, some form of frozen conflict, similar to agreeing on an armistice, could take shape; after that, the preservation of Ukraine's combat power will be crucial.

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