19 Jan 2023

Hot topics in USA and Italy

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Italian and American experts, gathered in Rome on the initiative of the Machiavelli Center for Political and Strategic Studies, Heritage Foundation and the International Republican Institute, will meet to discuss the hottest issues of the moment.

2 Aug 2022

Reimagining the Army - focusing on the human factor

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Technology, without the man who knows and is motivated to employ it, is useless. You can acquire the most sophisticated warfare technologies, but if you do not have the proper personnel, it is money wasted. The human factor is more essential than ever in the Army, where the combatant himself becomes a weapon system.

27 Jul 2022

The challenges of Hungary and the West. Here's what Orban (really) said

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Here is the speech that sparked protests from the international Left, which accused the Hungarian prime minister of "racism." We leave it to readers to judge the original document in full, without convenient versions or phrases taken out of context.

25 Jul 2022

No European army would withstand a conflict like the Russian-Ukrainian one

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For months there has been debate in Europe around the shortcomings that have emerged in the Russian military apparatus. But no European and perhaps Western armed forces today would seem capable of sustaining such a conventional conflict militarily or even politically and socially.

20 Jul 2022

Conventional warfare returns to Europe - and we are not ready (GIANANDREA GAIANI)

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The Russian-Ukrainian war is the first conventional conflict fought on a large scale in Europe since 1945. A type of conflict that even the largest European NATO armies could not sustain. More men, means and ammunition are needed.

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