20 Nov 2023

II MACHIAVELLI DEFENSE CONFERENCE: Lessons from the Russian-Ukrainian War

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Il conflitto in corso tra Russia e Ucraina rivela come stia cambiando la natura odierna della guerra. Ci sono tante lezioni che nazioni come l'Italia debbono studiare e apprendere, per essere pronte ad affrontare le sfide del futuro.

12 Oct 2023

Lega is on Israel's side. And of the diplomacy

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Lega expresses solidarity with Israel and hopes for a return to diplomacy. Palestinians have a right to a homeland, but Israel to live in peace.

27 Sep 2023

COGNITIVE WARFARE. Dossier presentation

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Using mainly the Internet and social media to spread, within the enemy population, discord, turmoil, moral enervation, self-destructive ideologies. The purpose: to win the enemy without even fighting it.

12 Jul 2023

The new Design Patent Code

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The new Bill which reforms industrial property (IP) is included among the measures taken under the NRP, as it is among the goals to promote the Italy's growth and act as a driver for the economy.

21 Jun 2023


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On July 11 and 12, the NATO summit will be held in Vilnius. There will be talks, of course, about Ukraine and Russia, but also about the attitude to be taken toward China. What will be Italy's position? Toward what future of the alliance should Rome push?

25 May 2023

The successions of Italians around the world

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What are the practical aspects related to the opening of succession and devolution of inheritance in Italy of Italian citizens living abroad? Giuseppe Gaglione will answer this question.

21 Feb 2023

Milleproroghe decree: what is in store for Italians abroad and exporting companies

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The Milleproroghe bill provides urgent measures on legislative deadlines. Specifically, it provides an extension to Dec. 31, 2025, of the deadline for compulsory use of SPID by compatriots living abroad.

15 Feb 2023

EU on the assault of the housing market. Always in the name of the environment

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On Feb. 9, the European Parliament's Committee on Industry, Research and Energy approved, after even toughening it, yet another legal abomination of the European Commission.

1 Feb 2023

NUCLEAR ENERGY. Limitations, challenges and promises in the context of the ecological transition

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Nel Dossier n. 38 Simone Billi e Emanuele Martinolli analizzano lo stato dell'arte nella produzione di energia nucleare e le possibili strategie per l'Italia nel settore.

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