The bill dubbed Milleproroghe, C. 888, provides for urgent measures on legislative deadlines and the extension of deadlines for legislative proxies. Specifically, it provides an extension to Dec. 31, 2025, of the deadline for compulsory use of SPID by compatriots living abroad to access consular services online.

I point out, as clarified in the government's explanatory report, that "the current ways in which SPID credentials are issued by enabled 'Identity Providers' result in little incentive for those residing abroad." In particular, it states that "compatriots are obliged to resort to remote forms of recognition, which are often charged or are too complicated for even an elderly user. In addition, online remote recognition methods, in almost all cases, require the citizen to have an electronic identity card, national service card or digital signature, tools, which are also still not widespread abroad."

In addition, measures are prepared in the Milleproroghe in favor of exporting companies affected by the negative effects resulting from the conflict in Ukraine. The sums - not yet spent - that our country had paid for the support of the Afghan armed and security forces are also made available, redirecting them to the strengthening of the diplomatic and consular network and the financing of humanitarian interventions in crisis areas.

The Ministry for Business and the Made in Italy is entrusted with the task of preparing a bidding process to select a digital radio network operator to make available, at no charge, broadcasting capacity with national coverage for Vatican City, as provided for in the June 2010 Radio Frequency Agreement with the Holy See.

L'UE all'assalto del mercato immobiliare. Sempre in nome dell'ambiente

Provisions on the obligation of prior notification to the Ministry for Business and Made in Italy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of exports of critical raw materials crucial for the supply of strategic production chains are postponed until December 31, 2023, and the application of the administrative fine for failure to notify exports made until December 31, 2022 is abolished.

This year, therefore, the Milleproroghe Decree serves an important function for our exporting companies after the pandemic and during this dramatic war in Ukraine, for the Italian Community abroad, which will have more time to apply for SPID, and for the digitization of the Consular Network.

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