Simone Billi and Emanuele Martinolli analyze the state of the art in nuclear power generation and possible strategies for Italy in the sector.



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  • Renewables cannot completely replace fossil fuels as the primary source anytime soon: the key word is DIVERSIFICATION
  • In the context of diversification, a significant portion of the energy produced worldwide comes from nuclear fission
  • The safety of nuclear fission plants is further enhanced by fourth-generation reactors that shut themselves down in an emergency.
  • Research is directed toward nuclear fusion, which will succeed in zeroing out waste and risk, providing abundant, low-cost and safe energy.
  • It is necessary to push for greener policies in Italy as well, but done with rationality and vision for the future, in the interest of the Italian people and considering agreements with major polluting countries globally, in order to have realistic benefits in the interest of our planet and future generations.
  • Italy must push on nuclear fusion research because it cannot afford to miss this opportunity.


Dossier 38 - L'energia nucleare
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Congressman elected to the Chamber of Deputies in the Foreign - Europe Circumscription. Group leader of Lega in the Foreign Affairs Committee and chairman of the Committee for Italians in the World. He holds a degree in industrial engineering and is an executive in the intellectual property sector.

A graduate in nuclear engineering (Polytechnic University of Milan), Ph.D. in laser-plasma physics (Ecole Polytechnique in Paris), he works at Framatome, where he has held various managerial and technical positions and is currently head of the "Codes and Computational Methods" Department.