15 Feb 2023

EU on the assault of the housing market. Always in the name of the environment

Di Simone Billi|2023-02-15T17:27:27+01:0015 February 2023|Categorie: Commenti e opinioni, Economia e Società|Tag: , , , , |1 Commento

On Feb. 9, the European Parliament's Committee on Industry, Research and Energy approved, after even toughening it, yet another legal abomination of the European Commission.

12 Jan 2023

Senate defacement is not just a stupid thing

Di Emanuele Mastrangelo e Enrico Petrucci|2023-05-29T18:02:20+02:0012 January 2023|Categorie: Commenti e opinioni, Cultura e Scienza|Tag: , , , , , , |0 Commenti

There is really nothing to laugh about the action committed by three activists of the fanatical environmental group "Last Generation" by defacing Palazzo Madama's facade. Nor is it correct to engage in reductionism. The act is by no means derecognizable as "just a stupid thing."

6 Dec 2022

Dutch freedom requires Dutch farmers

Di Carmel Richardson|2022-12-06T21:22:45+01:006 December 2022|Categorie: Commenti e opinioni, Politica estera|Tag: , , , |0 Commenti

We are once again trying to discover if green asceticism is possible. In order to comply with the European Union’s climate rules, the Dutch government has elected to buy up to 3,000 small farms across the country for the explicit purpose of shutting them down.

2 Dec 2022

CO2 is your sin. The bank your confessor

Di Emanuele Mastrangelo|2023-05-29T18:02:31+02:002 December 2022|Categorie: Commenti e opinioni, Economia e Società|Tag: , , , , , , , |0 Commenti

No longer is there the stern preacher shouting from the pulpit admonishing the people about the pains of hell, but colorful, toy-like apps. Even sin is different: from what displeases God to what displeases Greta. And, of course, in place of the church is the bank, the new Temple of the 21st century.

2 Nov 2022

Environmentalist fanaticism and the crusade against nuclear power: Michael Shellenberger's opinion

Di Daniele Scalea|2022-11-02T13:38:19+01:002 November 2022|Categorie: Commenti e opinioni, Cultura e Scienza|Tag: , , , , , , , , |0 Commenti

Human advancement came about through the transition from lower to higher energy density sources: from wood to coal and then to oil and gas. The next step would be nuclear power, but ideological opposition from environmentalists has taken over.

10 Oct 2022

Too much CO2? The "green" credit card blocks your new purchases

Di Emanuele Mastrangelo|2023-05-29T18:02:47+02:0010 October 2022|Categorie: Economia e Società|Tag: , , , , , |0 Commenti

Credit cards with a double ceiling are becoming increasingly popular: the economic one and the "environmental" one, based on the so-called "carbon footprint" that each transaction would entail. A Pavlovian training system that could even become mandatory.

11 Jul 2022

Why stopping internal combustion engines in 2035 (as the EU decreed) is unrealistic

Di Simone Billi|2022-07-11T13:48:10+02:0011 July 2022|Categorie: Commenti e opinioni, Economia e Società|Tag: , , , , |8 Commenti

We would have to multiply electricity production more than tenfold to have the amount sufficient to power our country and its cars, if all electric. That is why stopping internal combustion engines in 2035 is basically unrealistic.

5 Jul 2022

Energy sovereignty according to Francesco Giubilei

Di Nathan Greppi|2022-07-05T14:07:48+02:005 July 2022|Categorie: Commenti e opinioni, Economia e Società|Tag: , , , , |0 Commenti

"Energy Sovereignty" is a book that serves to alert us to the challenges now and those to come, but it also tries to offer insights into seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The problems related to rising energy prices, although serious, are not insurmountable.

1 Jul 2022

Last Generation extremists arrive in Italy. With the tacit approval of Draghi

Di Marco Malaguti|2022-07-01T09:28:16+02:001 July 2022|Categorie: Commenti e opinioni, Politica interna|Tag: , , , , |1 Commento

The green extremist movement founded in Berlin less than a year ago has established itself in Milan and Rome and is expanding to other cities in the Center-North. Exactly as in Berlin, where authorities when they do not minimize openly support, in Italy we see everything but condemnation.

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