The conference Hot topics in USA and Italy, held at the Chamber of Deputies last Jan. 24 and co-organized by Centro Studi Machiavelli, Heritage Foundation and International Republican Institute, received attention in the Italian media.

On the morning of Jan. 24, informing of the conference, a long article appeared in "La Verità" newspaper, titled: GOP frontrunner? Conservatives in Rome and Washington must now dialogue. The article contains a statement by the President of the Machiavelli Center, Daniele Scalea, who said that the meeting "aims to create a strategic dialogue among conservatives from all Western countries, involving the leading think tank of the American right, Heritage. It parallels what Machiavelli did last week by bringing a delegation of Hungarian think tanks and NGOs to meet with representatives of Italian counterparts.".

After the conference was held, in the weekly magazine "Panorama" an article came out with the title: Transatlantic relations? Will conservatives be the ones to save them. In it is an account of the meeting and an additional statement by President Scalea.

Finally, the Machiavelli Center conference was also mentioned in the article "She is the queen of conservatives": US think tank's assist to Meloni, published in "Il Giornale" and devoted to the views of one of the participants in the meeting, Heritage Vice-President James Carafano.