Al Jazeera Culture page analyzed the phenomenon of social degeneration caused by the woke ideology starting with the hybrid wars illustrated in the dossier of Emanuel Pietrobon's Machiavelli Cognitive Warfare and the remarks made by Jordan Peterson at the Florentine meetings held by the psychologist at the Centro Studi headquarters.

In a long article on the devastating effects of wokeism on the younger generation, journalist Amal Bouchareb writes:

Pietrobon [...] points out that [...] the competition between the great powers is moving toward "hybrid" or combined wars, that is, entering remote conflicts that do not cause deaths but leave effects on perception. Collective action would destabilize societies and tamper with their social fabric. The study states that those being recruited into this type of unconventional warfare are currently influencers on social networking sites as well as nongovernmental activists.

Bouchareb, after analyzing the origins of the cognitive wars in the psyops organized by the US intelligence services since World War II, gives a broad overview of the theses argued by Pietrobon. He also broadens the panorama to denounce the devastating effects that woke ideology, supported by the intelligence services of the great powers as a psychological weapon, is having on Western and Arab societies starting from the long interviews given by Peterson during his Florentine meetings with the Centro Studi Machiavelli:

Renowned Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson, a guest in recent days at Centro Studi Machiavelli, says that Western societies are currently creating a generation of males who are experiencing a psychological collapse due to the promotion of a feminist "woke" culture that is hostile to men. [...]

Peterson also emphasized the role of the university in spreading these ideas, and did not hesitate to describe Western academia as corrupt, further adding that the vast majority of its workers are "agents of the left."

The article ends by emphasizing the setting of the dossier presentation:

Interestingly, the dossier "Cognitive Warfare. The New Hybrid Threat" was presented last week in the press room of the Italian Parliament in Rome. Researcher Emanuele Pietrobon, the president of the Centro Studi Strategici e Politici Machiavelli, Daniele Scalea, and the Deputy Chief of Defense Staff, General Carmine Masiello, animated the symposium.

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