20 Jul 2022

The interview with PIETRO DE LEO

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In the new episode of "The Interview," SILVIA ROBERTO meets PIETRO DE LEO, journalist for "Il Tempo," to take stock of the situation and understand what the possible scenarios are between now and Wednesday and on a possible post-Draghi scenario.

14 Jul 2022

The interview with ALESSANDRO AMADORI

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What do the parties need to learn from the recently concluded Italian local elections? Can these be considered a mirror of upcoming general elections? Why are parties no longer able to achieve high numbers of popular support, and what do they need to do to turn the tide? Alliances, election campaigns and candidate choice.

30 Apr 2022

THE INTERVIEW with Stefano Graziosi

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The focus of the discussion is the United States of America and the latest background from the Republican and Democratic political circles. From the conflict in Ukraine to policy decisions put in place by President Biden.

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