In recent years, and particularly since last fall, there has been a proliferation of cases of former Western military pilots recruited by China, and from the US, Germany, France, Britain, Australia and New Zealand, providing advice and training. A full-fledged scouting campaign by Beijing that has generated concerns among Western governments, leading them to evaluate procedures and mechanisms to protect and defend their own doctrines and strategies.

SILVIA ROBERTO, in the new episode of "The Interview," met PIETRO ORIZIO, author of the dossier Western pilots serving the People's Republic of China.

pietro orizio

A freelance journalist, he writes for "Analisi Difesa." He has also published for "Limes," "Panorama Difesa," "Rassegna Carabinieri" and "Rivista Militare." Author of Il terrorismo a Brescia dopo l'11 settembre. Una mappatura di radicalizzazione e prevenzione tra città e provincia. He focuses on private military and security companies (PMSC) and terrorism. Graduate in International Management (Catholic University of Brescia) with 2nd Level Master in Preventing and Countering Radicalization and Terrorism (University of Bergamo).

Journalist, news anchor, event presenter. Social media strategist, political communication consultant. Graduate in Political Science and International Relations with masters in Broadcast Journalism and Criminology.

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