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Researcher at ITSTIME, Catholic University of Milan. She served as the chief editor of European Eye on Radicalization for four years and previously conducted research at the al-Mesbar Studies & Research Center in Dubai, UAE, as well as a visiting researcher at the Program on Extremism at George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

12 Feb 2024

The interview with SARA BRZUSZKIEWICZ

Di Sara Brzuszkiewicz e Silvia Roberto|2024-02-12T11:02:37+01:0012 February 2024|Categorie: Vlog|Tag: , , , , , , |0 Commenti

Unlike most Western European countries to date, Italy has not experienced any large-scale jihadist attacks and appears to have lower levels of radicalization. This is a relative advantage, however, destined to disappear in a short time due to multiple changes.

5 Feb 2024

Jihadist Radicalization in Italy: Unprecedented Risks and Possible Countermeasures

Di Sara Brzuszkiewicz|2024-03-17T09:20:41+01:005 February 2024|Categorie: Dossier|Tag: , , , , , , |0 Commenti

Sta svanendo un vantaggio tutto italiano: l'assenza di seconde e terze generazioni d'immigrati con elevato tasso di radicalizzazione jihadista. Quali contromisure bisogna prendere?

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