Following the first Conference of the Italian and Hungarian Conservative Think Tanks the Machiavelli Center, among the event's organizers, received considerable coverage in the Hungarian media.

HirTv, one of Hungary's leading television channels, broadcast a report on Italy's problems with immigrationist NGOs, including an interview with Machiavelli President Daniele Scalea.

Another interview with President Scalea was published by the major newspaper "Magyar Nemzet". In the interview, Scalea summarized the measures taken so far by the Meloni government on immigration, explaining the contents of the Piantedosi Decree and why taking care of illegal migrants should be the flag states of the NGO ships carrying them.

News of the conference was reported by MTI, a Hungarian news agency, and echoed by several newspapers in the country, including the well-known website "Magyar Hirlap" and the portal in English and German "Hungary Today". The news release contains statements by President Scalea rejecting the redistribution of migrants as a solution to the problem, focusing instead on defending Europe's common borders from any illegal entry.