25 Feb 2023

Minister Valditara, the anti-fascist religion and the homo sacer

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The role of honor guard at the tomb of anti-fascism, which the Left has reserved for itself, constitutes a fearsome tool, which they hold, to define, in a totally extra-institutional manner, "who is in and who is out."

18 Aug 2022

Thirteen priorities for the next parliament

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Here is a list of 13 principles, grouped into five areas (nation, people, family, work, freedom), which we believe should inspire upcoming MPs.

8 Aug 2022

Lyceum for everyone? What's wrong with Calenda's proposal

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While I dismiss Calenda's proposal as a boutade, I disagree with the ease with which his detractors have dismissed it without appeal on the sole basis of mismatch with labor market needs.

6 Apr 2022

Science vs. thought. Sanchez is cancelling philosophy to abolish dissent

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Never, in Europe, had philosophy been judged useless. Bended, amputated, censored, often even vilified and accused of intellectualism, philosophy has continued to be taught even in the Third Reich and the Soviet Union. In today's Europe, on the contrary, they want to erase it. Why?

17 Feb 2022

Ignorance and inequality: the damages of the progressive school

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The "democratic" school has resulted in a general lowering of the cultural level. Lowering the bar, far from helping the children of the lower classes, as its promoters hoped, has instead condemned them to frequent failure, while the scions of wealthier families still manage to get by.

29 Dec 2021

No research funding if scientist doesn't swear loyalty to "political correctness"

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Where, if not in a totalitarian regime, is science funding contingent on the researcher's adherence to the ideology in power? In "progressive" Canada, federal grants have begun to require statements of equity, diversity, and inclusion, which are evaluated before the project itself.

8 Nov 2021

Biden è stato sconfitto su gender e CRT — Daniele Scalea a RPL

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Il Presidente Scalea ha spiegato come la recente sconfitta elettorale dei democratici americani in Virginia dipenda per lo più dallo scontro tra genitori e amministratori negli school boards, a seguito del tentativo dell'Amministrazione Biden di spingere l'indottrinamento gender e CRT ("teoria critica della razza") nelle scuole.

3 Nov 2021

La rivolta degli elettori contro la crociata ideologica di Biden

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La tornata elettorale del 2 novembre segna una brusca battuta d'arresto per i sogni di gloria di Joe Biden. La prova delle urne certifica il crollo della popolarità dei democratici, dalla Virginia al New Jersey, senza ignorare i segnali provenienti dalle elezioni a sindaco.

28 Oct 2021

La Sinistra che impone la pseudo-scienza — Daniele Scalea a RPL

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Daniele Scalea, Presidente del Centro Studi Machiavelli, è intervenuto a "Il Punto Politico", programma condotto da PierLuigi Pellegrin su RPL, per discutere del suo articolo "Il libro che spiega perché la teoria gender è anti-scientifica".

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