18 Aug 2022

Thirteen priorities for the next parliament

Di Centro Studi Machiavelli|2022-08-18T14:44:00+02:0018 August 2022|Categorie: Commenti e opinioni, Politica interna|Tag: , , , , , , , , , , , , , |1 Comment

Here is a list of 13 principles, grouped into five areas (nation, people, family, work, freedom), which we believe should inspire upcoming MPs.

26 May 2022

It is spelled "Citizen wallet," it is read "Social credit." And it has arrived in Italy

Di Emanuele Mastrangelo|2023-05-29T18:03:03+02:0026 May 2022|Categorie: Commenti e opinioni, Economia e Società|Tag: , , , , |5 Commenti

As timely as taxes, yet another prediction by the "conspiracy theorists" turned out to be correct: Italy will lead the way and serve as a test case in Europe for the introduction of a social credit system, where citizens will be rewarded for their "good behavior."

30 Mar 2022

Bank Account Deplatforming: the new weapon of the totalitarian Left

Di Annelise Butler|2022-03-30T15:52:00+02:0030 March 2022|Categorie: Commenti e opinioni, Politica estera|Tag: , , , , , , , , , , , , , |0 Commenti

The Trudeau administration in Canada freezes the bank accounts of truckers who participated in the "Freedom Convoy" against mandatory vaccination. Although the U.S. government has not yet adopted this practice, bank deplatforming against those who oppose the Left is already becoming more frequent.

9 Mar 2022

Sleepwalking Into a China-Style Social Credit System

Di Kara Frederick|2022-03-09T16:35:11+01:009 March 2022|Categorie: Commenti e opinioni, Politica estera|Tag: , , , , , , , |2 Commenti

As the world focuses on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a huge threat is materializing at home. As Canada has shown, Western governments and tech companies are mobilizing to oust ordinary citizens from public life and restrict their private lives.

7 Jan 2022

The Time To Resist Vax Passports Is Now

Di Helen Andrews|2022-01-07T16:16:44+01:007 January 2022|Categorie: Commenti e opinioni, Politica estera|Tag: , , , , , , , , |0 Commenti

Once citizens become accustomed to scanning a Qr Code every time they enter a building, there will be no limits to the surveillance system that can be mounted on that habit.

21 Jul 2021

Today the Green Pass, tomorrow the Social Credit System

Di Daniele Scalea|2021-09-17T15:04:52+02:0021 July 2021|Categorie: Commenti e opinioni, Politica interna|Tag: , , , , , , , , , |1 Comment

In guisa di Green Pass vaccinale obbligatorio per svolgere attività anche essenziali (vedi infausto "modello Macron" che subito ha conquistato la Sinistra "repressista" italiana), si apre la strada ad un'altra "innovazione" cinese pronta a sbarcare in Italia: il "sistema di credito sociale".

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