by Daniele Scalea

A year and a half has passed since Giuseppe Conte, not by chance a member of the Five Stars Movement, decided to react to the covid-19 epidemic by importing in the West a Chinese model, that of the lockdown, which the communist regime in Beijing had transposed from the securitarian-repressive plan to the sanitary one. Considering all that has happened since then, no further attack to freedom can surprise us; nevertheless, it is right to react and resist. Speranza and his "technicians" are working on a draconian revision of the parameters to impose more restrictions: if up to now it was sufficient to have an occupancy rate for covid patients of 30% in the medical area and 20% in intensive care to enjoy (almost) all the freedoms, the minister of "Free and Equals" wants to lower the thresholds to 10% and 5% respectively. Why? Dunno. Does "Science" say so, or perhaps, more simply, does it serve to impose the "new cultural hegemony" of which the Minister vague in his book, even though today intensive care units are only 2% occupied? We are certainly seeing the relationship between emergency and state of emergency increasingly overturned: it is no longer the latter that serves to resolve the former, but the former that serves to justify the latter.

Meanwhile, in the guise of mandatory vaccination Green Pass to carry out even essential activities (see the ominous "Macron model" that immediately conquered the Italian "repressive" Left, including the one with a white pen on his hat), the way is paved for another Chinese "innovation" ready to land in Italy: the "social credit system". Thanks to modern surveillance tools (computer espionage, cameras, facial recognition programs, algorithms, etc.), the Chinese communist regime is able to minutely observe the behavior of every single citizen and assigns them a " score ", based on which they will have access or not to certain services or may suffer punishment. "Orwellian" is an adjective often abused but in this case it fits perfectly.

Of course: the Macron-style Green Pass concerns only the vaccination status of an individual and serves only to make it impossible to live. But is it so unthinkable, given the slope taken, that one day not far away that Qr Code may contain much more information about the individual to whom it is assigned? And that the information collected with surveillance cameras and other massive intelligence tools could decide (as it happens in China) if you will be able to travel, if you will be able to enroll your children in the school of excellence, if you will be able to work etc. etc.? The Italian population seems already predisposed to an enthusiastic acceptance: just as they want the Green Pass to punish those who do not vaccinate, why should they not want the social credit system to punish those who generically "misbehave" (at the discretion of the State)? Are we really that far from what Macron and the Italian Left are doing today about the Green Pass?

If you think we are far away, cast your mind back to January 2020. Imagine telling your past self what was going to happen soon. Would you have believed it? No. But it still happened....

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Founder and President of Centro Studi Machiavelli. A graduate in History (University of Milan) and Ph.D. in Political Studies (Sapienza University), he teaches “History and Doctrine of Jihadism” at Marconi University and “Geopolitics of the Middle East” at Cusano University, where he has also taught on Islamic extremism in the past.

From 2018 to 2019, he served as Special Advisor on Immigration and Terrorism to Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs Guglielmo Picchi; he later served as head of the technical secretariat of the President of the Parliamentary Delegation to the Central European Initiative (CEI).

Author of several books, including Immigration: the reasons of populists, which has also been translated into Hungarian.