Giovanni Giacalone, Ricercatore del Centro Studi Machiavelli, ha pubblicato sul sito statunitense “The American Conservative” un articolo in merito all’infiltrazione della propaganda cinese nei media italiani.


The Chinese Communist regime is waging an aggressive offensive targeting Italian mainstream media. It has so far managed to infiltrate the country’s leading wire service, the National Associated Press Agency (ANSA), the online edition of national paper Il Giornale, owned by the Berlusconi family, and the financial newspaper Milano Finanza. This infiltration is the result of a deliberate strategy by Beijing, and part of its broader effort to achieve political and economic hegemony worldwide.

The Chinese state media, which is under the ideological control of the Communist Party, is required by the regime to establish a strong presence abroad and reach media cooperation agreements with foreign press agencies, tabloids, and newspapers. It is no secret that over the last decade Chinese media has rapidly increased its presence in Western Europe and the Balkans, two areas of enormous strategic importance for Beijing. It is worth noting that Italy is geographically in a key position in the Mediterranean, overlooking the Balkans, and functioning as a bridge between Europe and North Africa.

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