14 Dec 2022

Nuclear weapons: how China is preparing to overtake the U.S.

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A Chinese advantage in capacity to produce warheads provides President Xi Jinping a path to nuclear superiority, should he choose to pursue it. The U.S., for its part, would have few options to respond if China decided to continue building beyond 1,500 warheads.

3 Mar 2022

War in Ukraine: is there a risk of escalation?

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One aspect of the spiral of war is that it can occur regardless of the will of the participants, as a simple result of their interaction. A major war may break out inadvertently, because the concatenation of threats, responses, retaliation, leads the contenders where they did not think they would go.

13 Dec 2021

Si ingrossano le forze nucleari cinesi: un mondo tripolare?

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L'enorme espansione della forza nucleare cinese, insieme ai rapporti su un nuovo bombardiere intercontinentale, suggerisce che Pechino stia abbandonando la posizione di deterrenza nucleare minima.

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