26 Sep 2022

The Right-Center's historic success

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Giorgia Meloni will be the next head of the Italian government. The first woman, certainly, but also the first right-wing person, without "center-" prefixes, in Republican history. She will have a great historical responsibility and not an easy task.

21 Jul 2022

Draghi: the downfall

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Draghi did everything he could not to remain head of the government. Either he was granted full powers - to him and, through him, to Letta and Mattarella, i.e., the PD - or it was a no. No it was.

23 Mar 2022

The Italian Center-Right should learn from the US Republican Party

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The solution to the divisions of the Italian Center-Right? It is in the model of the US Republican Party: the coexistence under one big tent of several cultures, from libertarians to nationalists, with a competition based on ideas and regulated in the primary system.

22 Mar 2022

How does the US Republican Party work?

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In Dossier n. 35 Stefano Graziosi describes the functioning of the US Republican Party and its primary system, recently proposed as a model for the Italian Center-Right.

9 Feb 2022

A single party for the Center-Right but with internal democracy - Daniele Scalea at Sputnik

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Daniele Scalea, President of Centro Studi Machiavelli, was interviewed by Niva Mirakyan for the Italian edition of "Sputnik" about the difficulties of the Center-Right after the election of the President of the Republic. 

31 Jan 2022

Mattarella Bis: a defeat

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There are many things to reflect on and discuss in our political area. What is certain is that the re-election of Sergio Mattarella cannot be presented as a victory.

24 Jan 2022

From London to Rome, why the Right is waning

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The British experience can also be a lesson for the Italian right, which has been declining in popularity for some years. Johnson's problem is the same as Salvini's: a disappointed and demoralized electorate.

21 Oct 2021

Come il Centro-Destra può costruirsi una strategia vincente

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La sconfitta del Centrodestra richiede una nuova strategia, se mai ce ne sia stata una. L’elaborazione di una strategia politica, al pari di quella militare, è complessa e risente di una molteplicità di fattori (ideologie, cultura, geografia, organizzazione dei partiti, ecc.).

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