11 Apr 2022

THE INTERVIEW with Daniele Scalea

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Silvia Roberto hosts a new format for the Centro Studi Machiavelli. The first interviewee is the President of the Center, Daniele Scalea, who talks about the state of the Italian Right and the role of the Machiavelli. (IN ITALIAN)

23 Mar 2022

The Italian Center-Right should learn from the US Republican Party

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The solution to the divisions of the Italian Center-Right? It is in the model of the US Republican Party: the coexistence under one big tent of several cultures, from libertarians to nationalists, with a competition based on ideas and regulated in the primary system.

22 Mar 2022

A REPUBLICAN PARTY FOR ITALY? The single party and primaries scenario for the Center-Right

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In a phase in which the unity of the Center-Right appears weakened, the proposal has been raised to take action with a radical measure: imitate the American model and create a large unitary party, capable of bringing together moderates, conservatives and sovereignists in a common house. Importing, again from the U.S., the system of primaries, which would ensure internal pluralism and turnover of elites. 

22 Mar 2022

How does the US Republican Party work?

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In Dossier n. 35 Stefano Graziosi describes the functioning of the US Republican Party and its primary system, recently proposed as a model for the Italian Center-Right.

9 Feb 2022

A single party for the Center-Right but with internal democracy - Daniele Scalea at Sputnik

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Daniele Scalea, President of Centro Studi Machiavelli, was interviewed by Niva Mirakyan for the Italian edition of "Sputnik" about the difficulties of the Center-Right after the election of the President of the Republic. 

31 Jan 2022

Mattarella Bis: a defeat

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There are many things to reflect on and discuss in our political area. What is certain is that the re-election of Sergio Mattarella cannot be presented as a victory.

24 Jan 2022

From London to Rome, why the Right is waning

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The British experience can also be a lesson for the Italian right, which has been declining in popularity for some years. Johnson's problem is the same as Salvini's: a disappointed and demoralized electorate.

21 Oct 2021

Come il Centro-Destra può costruirsi una strategia vincente

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La sconfitta del Centrodestra richiede una nuova strategia, se mai ce ne sia stata una. L’elaborazione di una strategia politica, al pari di quella militare, è complessa e risente di una molteplicità di fattori (ideologie, cultura, geografia, organizzazione dei partiti, ecc.).

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