Daniele Scalea, President of Centro Studi Machiavelli, was interviewed by Niva Mirakyan for the Italian edition of "Sputnik" about the difficulties of the Center-Right after the election of the President of the Republic. 

President Scalea noted that we are going through a moment of deep division, which risks becoming definitive if a proportional electoral law passes. Precisely at this stage, however, he believes it is necessary to pursue the goal of a unified party, as long as it has internal democracy in a system of open primaries. 

"Can we say that in Italy there is a center-right coalition? Obviously not, after the second office of State exponent of Forza Italia who counted on paper of 450 votes to become President of the Republic were missing 70, 40 of which of the same Forza Italia. So today it should be rebuilt but looking to the future: soul, values, ideals and great common goals to build the dream of our future", says Matteo Salvini after the tensions emerged during the election of Mattarella.
What are the origins of this defeat that has returned the ball to the center-left? After the Mattarella bis, has the center-right reached the end of the line or can it still be saved? To talk about it, Sputnik Italia reached Daniele Scalea, co-founder and president of the think-thank Centro Studi Politici e Strategici Machiavelli.
- Daniele, in your opinion, why did the center-right's plans to bring one of its representatives to the Hill fail and the long-awaited "miracle" did not take place? What factors influenced the defeat?
 The first and most important was the lack of sufficient delegates to elect a president. This forced one to seek support either from other groups, or from a substantial number of "free hitters" outside the center-right area. In any case, this drastically reduced the chances and nearly eliminated those of the more "identity-based" candidates. The second factor was the betrayal of the centrists.
When the center-right tried to vote on a profile of its own, but moderate, as that of Elisabetta Casellati, it was the centrists who missed a large number of votes. At that point, it was clear that a large part of the center-right delegates - and a whole group, that of "Coraggio Italia" - were voting for a new left-wing president. Probably, their first choice was ...CONTINUE READING ON SPUTNIK...