23 Mar 2022

The Italian Center-Right should learn from the US Republican Party

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The solution to the divisions of the Italian Center-Right? It is in the model of the US Republican Party: the coexistence under one big tent of several cultures, from libertarians to nationalists, with a competition based on ideas and regulated in the primary system.

22 Mar 2022

A REPUBLICAN PARTY FOR ITALY? The single party and primaries scenario for the Center-Right

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In a phase in which the unity of the Center-Right appears weakened, the proposal has been raised to take action with a radical measure: imitate the American model and create a large unitary party, capable of bringing together moderates, conservatives and sovereignists in a common house. Importing, again from the U.S., the system of primaries, which would ensure internal pluralism and turnover of elites. 

22 Mar 2022

How does the US Republican Party work?

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In Dossier n. 35 Stefano Graziosi describes the functioning of the US Republican Party and its primary system, recently proposed as a model for the Italian Center-Right.

11 Jan 2022

Capezzone for a new (libertarian) Right

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Daniele Capezzone wants to rinse the cloths of our political area in the Thames and in the Potomac and launch also in Italy an American-style libertarian Right: "anti-tax, pro-freedom, pro-market".

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