In Dossier n. 35 Stefano Graziosi describes the functioning of the US Republican Party and its primary system, recently proposed as a model for the Italian Center-Right.



come funziona partito repubblicano usa

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  • Recently, in the Italian political debate, the possibility of aggregating the Center-Right according to the model of the US Republican Party has appeared. This is a model very distant from the traditional European party, more like a large electoral committee that brings together many souls, even opposing each other, and whose dialectic is expressed through the mechanism of the primaries.
  • The sense of the U.S. primaries is to involve citizens in the selection of candidates and encourage internal debate, preventing the disaffection of the electorate that would result from choices imposed from above or as a result of confidential negotiations.
  • The system of presidential primaries is significantly articulated and was gradually established between 1912 and the 1970s. It provides for a national convention in which the delegates elected in the various states participate, through caucuses, open primaries or closed primaries, with majority (winner-take-all) or proportional methods.
  • The model of the US primaries can be an opportunity for the Italian Center-Right, provided it is properly adapted to the political reality of Italy.


Dossier 35 - Come funziona il Partito Repubblicano americano
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