On Sept. 19, "La Verità" gave an account of the international conference "The Three Seas Initiative and Italy", held in the Matteotti Hall of the Chamber of Deputies on Sept. 18.

"The Three Seas initiative and Italy" was held at the Camera: a conference organized by Heritage and the Centro studi Machiavelli, directed by Daniele Scalea. At the event, whose speakers included La Verità and former deputy foreign secretary Guglielmo Picchi, Heritage's senior counsel, James Carafano, called for an entry of our country into the Three Seas Initiative: a forum of 13 States, mostly from Eastern Europe, which, supported at the time mainly by the Trump administration, recently admitted Greece, focusing especially on energy, security and infrastructure issues. The conference also showed that by joining, Rome could protect itself from possible Chinese retaliation because of its farewell to the New Silk Road. A potential integration between the Three Seas Initiative and the Trans-Caspian international transport route was also addressed: a corridor that, starting from China, passes through Kazakhstan, the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey before reaching Europe. The Three Seas Initiative should work to reduce Chinese influence on this corridor, and Rome could take advantage of it to protect its interests in Central Asia.

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Researcher of Centro Studi Machiavelli. Graduated in Political Philosophy (Catholic University of Milan) with a thesis on Leo Strauss. He deals with international politics collaborating with "La Verità" and "Panorama". His last book is Trump contro tutti. L'America (e l'Occidente) al bivio (2020), written with Daniele Scalea.

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